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Stock# 41174035

Used: APV-Anhydro Spray Drying Plant with a capacity 3300 lbs./1500 kg milk/coffee creamer equivalent powder per hour consisting of: (1) APV-Anhydro spray dryer incl. atomizer with motor, stainless steel construction on product contact parts. (1) APV-Anhydro fluid bed dryer, stainless steel construction on product contact parts, more info...

Stock# 42293025

Used- Tri-Clover Tri-Blender, model F3218MD-BBVS, 316 stainless steel. 8" diameter impeller, 1-1/2'' tri-clamp liquid inlet, 4'' tri-clamp powder inlet, no hopper, 1-3/4'' tri-clamp liquid outlet. Dry ingredients capacity up to 100 pounds per minute. Driven by a 15 hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1755 rpm motor. Mounted on a stainless st more info...

Stock# 42293037

Used- Weir Roto-Jet Centrifugal Pump, Model RBG-S-266-330, Carbon Steel. Rated 30 gallons per minute at 2430' head at 4380 rpm. Approximate 2-1/2" NPT inlet/outlet. Driven by a 50 hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1760 rpm motor. Mounted on a carbon steel base.

Stock# 43285023

Used- Osmonics Reverse Osmosis System, Model 74B-HR288/K/DLX-DP. (13) Filter tubes with UV disinfection unit, and pump. Skid mounted.

Stock# 43742002

Used- Eidal Dual Rotor Shredder. Approximately 25" x 52" feed, approximately 2" thick blades. Driven by a 100 hp AC motor. Includes an operator panel and motor starter.

Stock# 45053105

Used- Rannie Homogenizer, Model 50.120H, 2205 Stainless Steel. Capacity 7400 Liters per hour (1954.9 Gallon), maximum homogenizing pressure 552 bar (8004.2 psi). Driven by a 200 hp, 460 volt, 885 rpm motor. 5200 Hours on meter. 50mm Plunger, 120mm stroke. Approximate 900 rpm crank speed. Serial # 1.89.235. Built 1989.

Stock# 45053294

Used- Manesty Rotary Tablet Press, Model B.3.B. 16 Stations. Approximately 6.5 ton compression force, 5/8" maximum tablet diameter, 11/16" maximum depth of fill, single sided with feed frame hopper, keyed upper punch guides. Approximately rated up to 42,000 tablets/hour. Driven by a 3 hp, 3/60/220/440 volt, 1730 rpm motor. Seria more info...

Stock# 46017002

Used- Farrel 2 Roll Calendar, Model 85A-1013, Carbon Steel. (2) Approximately 30" diameter x 78" wide Face Cored Rolls. Driven by a 250 hp, 500 volt, 1150/1400 rpm Reliance DC Motor thru a Hansen Gearbox, Type RDLJ31-AN, No. 13.10297, 1150 RPM/ 16.2, SF 1.76, 440 hp Rating, Ratio 7:1. Includes hydraulic pump, miscellaneous guard more info...

Stock# 46929001

Used- Mogensen Flow Through Screener / Sizer, Model S-0254, 316 Stainless Steel. 5 Deck approximate 24" long x 8" wide. Driven by (2) approximate 1 hp (.75 kW) motors. (5) 3" Side outlet, (1) 3" bottom outlet. Includes feed hopper 17" diameter x 8-1/2" straight side x 12" cone with a manual butterfly valve to a vibrating feeder/ more info...

Stock# 47206001

Used- Fitzpatrick GuiloRiver Pre Breaker Mill, Model 16LX16D, 304 Stainless Steel. 16" Diameter x 16" wide rotating roll with hook shaped pins. Driven by a 10hp, 3/60/575 volt, 1740 rpm motor. 33" Tall feed hopper with clamp down cover. 18-1/2" x 17" Discharge opening with safety grate, approximate 36" discharge height. Mounted more info...

Stock# 47674001

Used- Grote Model S/A-530 Single Lane Slicer/Applicator. Machine is rated at up to 176 strokes per minute per lane. Unit also bulk slices, stacks and shingles. Maximum slice rate in stack or shingle mode 120 strokes per minute per lane. Set up for a 1/2" wide band blade. Slicing zone up to 30" wide, up to a maximum of 6" slicing more info...

Stock# 48675001

Used- Kinergy Corporation Dust Tight Vibrating Screen, Model KDSNBD-36 HDDT, 304 Stainless Steel. Trough approximately 3' wide x 16' long, with dust tight bolt on top cover. Driven by a 1 hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 658 rpm motor. Single deck, 2 separation. 3/16" screen holes. Mounted on a stainless steel frame. Serial # KDSN-9198.

Stock# 48882002

Used- Aaron Process Equipment Model LNG1B Lab Batch Double Arm Sigma Mixer. Total Capacity 2.3 Gallons, Mixing Capacity 1 Gallon (1" above Blades). Manual Hand Tilt, 2 HP direct connect gear-motor. Blade Speed up to 70 RPM, with Bronco II Model 163 Electric Control 240V, Dodge Tigear Gear Reducer. 9" front to back x 7" left to r more info...

Stock# 49631001

Unused- Modern Welding Company Tank, 7,000 Gallon. 9 OD x 18 long Tangent to Tangent. Carbon steel shell with plastic internal lining. Horizontal on carbon steel welded saddles. Internal rated atmospheric at ambient temp. Dished Ends. 2" end bottom outlet. Exterior fiberglass ladder. Yr. 2012.

Stock# 49631002

Unused- Modern Welding Company Tank, 7,000 Gallon. 9 OD x 18 long Tangent to Tangent. Carbon steel shell with plastic internal lining. Horizontal on carbon steel welded saddles. Internal rated atmospheric at ambient temp. Dished Ends. 2" end bottom outlet. Exterior fiberglass ladder. Yr. 2012.

Stock# 49978001

Used Hough Heavy Duty Ribbon Blender; 220 cubic feet; Model MX25001; 132" High x 84" Wide x 144" Long; Approximately 15,500 lbs. Lengthwide openiing operated by two air cylinder. Reported to be reconditioned.

Stock# 50048001

Used- Fitzpatrick Fitzmill, Model DASO6, 316 Stainless Steel. (16) Knife/Impact fixed 410 stainless steel blades. 6" x 11" 316 stainless steel cutting chamber. Driven by a 5 HP, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1765 rpm motor. 304 Stainless steel gravity feed cover with 8" opening. Requires screen. Includes control panel with Allen Bradley 13 more info...

Stock# 50070001

Used- Pastorizzatore Electric Pasteurizer. For Pasta and Ravioli. All Stainless steel wetted parts. Capacity: approximately 110 Lb/h (depending on the product), with motorized transport belt with speed variator, steam pasteurization chamber (by resistances), with opening cover, pre-drying zone with quartz lamps and fans, panel t more info...

Stock# 50130001

Used- A.J. Sackett Equipment High Intensity Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer, Model HM2500. 60HP/22 RPM, 304 Stainless Steel Housing with Carbon Steel Paddles. Capable of processing 3 tons per batch. This machine has had less than 3000 tons of product processed through it.

Stock# 50132001

Used- GL & V Double Drum Dryer. Chrome claded. 41.6" (1066.8 mm) diameter x 142.6" (3657.6 mm) straight side drums. Maximum temperature 142.6" 449.6 degree F (232C) temperature 16.8 hp/11.2 kW drive. Two (2) identical 8.4hp/5,6 kW motors. Dryer is equipped with stainless steel hood. Double screw discharge conveyers. On 4 legs. O more info...

Stock# 50154005

Used- Tank, 2400 Gallon, Stainless Steel, Vertical. Approximate 94" diameter x 88" straight side. Flat top with (2) 1/3 hinged covers, dished bottom. Top entering Pfaudler mode FDWU agitator, driven by a 15hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1755 rpm gear motor, 87.5 rpm, 20 to 1 ratio. 2" Center bottom outlet, has a 4" to 2" reducer. (6) Ad more info...

Stock# 50154008

Used- Incline Tube Screw Conveyor, 6" diameter, Stainless steel. 6" diameter x 8' high. With hopper on casters.

Stock# 71201001

Used- PSG Lee Model RP-8TZ-36 Premade Pouch Packager. Machine is capable of speeds from 15 - 30 pouches per minute, subject to pouch and product variables. Pouch size range: Width of 8.5" - 15" or 216mm - 381mm; Length of 13.8" - 21.7" or 350mm - 550mm. Weight Range: up to 20 pound or 10 kg. Designed for pouches with gusset, st more info...

Stock# 71221006

Used- Bosch (Strunck) Vial Injectable Filling Line. Consists of a Bosch RUR HO4 rotary vial washer, Bosch TLQ T36 depyrogenation tunnel oven, Bosch ZSA A12.5 vial filler and stoppering machine set on on 10ml with 13mm stoppers. Has a main control panel with Bosch PLC controls. Has 4 piston pumps, 60 cpm.

Stock# 71326007

Used- Wexxar Model WFT-JR Automatic Case Erector and Bottom Sealer. Machine is for LH Left Hand cases, capable of speeds up to 15 cases per minute. Has a case size range of 10" to 22" (length), 6" to 16" (width), and 6" to 16" (height). Capable of erecting RSC and HSC style cases. Utilizes "Pin and Dome" case opening technolog more info...

Stock# 71524002

Used- Krones Model Variopac Tray Pack Shrink Bundling System. Capable of running up to 30 cases/trays per minute, trayless or with tray option. 8 lanes with oscillating lane guides, flight bar with vertical pin pack group separation. Floor level film reels print registered film (30" maximum film web width). Floor level 25" wide more info...

Stock# 71742001

Used- Aranow, Model Araform 6 Stick Pack Machine with Enflex Cartoner. Machine is a 6 up unit set up for granular and free flowing powders using a pipe filler for free flow powder method. Size of packets from 1.5 to 6.5 gram. Capable of speeds from 30 to 60 machine cycles per minute depending on powder flow and stick pack length more info...

Stock# 71840001

Used- Loveshaw Case Erector, Model CF20. Rated for up to six (6) cases per minute depending on case size and corrugated quality. Capable of tape width between 1-1/2" - 3" and 15" roll diameter. Case dimensions: 6" - 16" long, 6" - 12" size, 4" - 12" tall. Previously used in cosmetics operation. Excellent condition. RH cases

Stock# 71841001

Used- Slidell-Matic Automatic Bulk Bag Scale Filler with Bag Hanger, Model 3120-1425 with American Newlong PBC-W Bag Sealer for paper bags with poly liner and preapplied glue strip . Capable of speeds up to 24 BPM. Has a Model 3120 bag hanger, Slidell Model 9951 Bulk Scale System, Serial #995100810997. Has a Panelview 1000 displ more info...

Stock# 72094001

Used- LPM Carrier Erector. Was running 6-pack holders. Magazine capacity 100 to 125 baskets. 110 Volt 1 Phase 60HZ. Requires 20CPM at 45 PSI. Includes plexiglass safety guard.

Stock# 83818

Used- Keith Machinery Horizontal Three Roll Mill, Model 4X8. (3) 4" Diameter x 8" wide cored rolls. Adjustable end guides, knife scraper with discharge pan. Driven by an approximate 1 hp motor. Serial# 95021B.

Stock# 83819

Used- Keith Machinery Horizontal Three Roll Mill, model 4X8. (3) 4" diameter x 8" wide cored rolls. Adjustable end guides, knife scraper with discharge pan. Driven by an approximate 1 hp motor.

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