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Aaron Equipment - In The News

  • How Do I Auction Surplus Process Equipment?

    January 07, 2024

    Maybe you have thought about auctioning off your unused or recently upgraded process equipment. Perhaps you already know that an auction affords you an excellent opportunity to secure top dollar for your idle equipment. And yet you are still hesitant about the whole idea. “I don’t know the first thing about auctioning,” you might be thinking. Or perhaps you are of a mind that putting your equipment up for bid is too complicated. The good news is two-fold. First, with the right equipment auction partner, you really don’t need to know much of anything about the insider ins and outs of auctioning. Second, auctioning is a quick, simple, painless and profitable selling process … if you know how to go about it. If you’re feeling in the dark, just follow these easy auction tips for a smooth result that exceeds your expectations.

  • Used Drying Equipment Buyer's Guide

    November 11, 2023

    Drying equipment and dryers are used to efficiently process materials that require decreased levels of moisture. Though they are most known for drying clothes, there are several types of dryers and drying equipment that have been built for other purposes including food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and plastics. Different dryer types include rotary vacuum dryers, oven dryers, spray dryers, fluid bed dryers, drum dryers, and more.

  • Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS) Presents Remarkable Sale of Surplus Metal Fabrication Equipment in Lake Bluff, IL

    October 16, 2023

    Lake Bluff, IL - [May 9th – 16th] - Aaron industrial Solutions, a leading auction company specializing in industrial machinery, recently concluded a highly successful auction event in Lake Bluff, IL, held from May 9th to May 16th. The auction showcased an impressive selection of surplus metal fabrication equipment, attracting industry professionals and enthusiasts from around the region.

  • Joint Venture Auction by Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS), Thomas Industries, and LSI Proves Highly Successful in Warsaw, IN

    October 16, 2023

    Warsaw, IN - Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS), in collaboration with Thomas Industries and LSI, is delighted to announce the remarkable success of their joint venture auction held in Warsaw, Indiana. The three-day event, which ran from October 5th through the 12th, showcased an impressive display of industrial equipment and garnered immense attention within the auction community.

  • Generator Set Enclosures

    September 22, 2023

    If you are going to install a generator set outside your building you will need at least a weather protective or weather proof enclosure. The weather enclosure is designed to do exactly that keep the rain and snow out. Weather enclosures are typically used in industrial settings where there are no residential areas close by. If you are near a residential area check your local code to find out what the acceptable decibel rating (also known as dBa) is for your location.

  • Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS) to Host Online Timed Auction for Former Assets of Major Canadian Brewery

    May 18, 2023

    Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS), a leading industrial equipment auction company, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting an online timed auction for the former assets of a major Canadian brewery. The auction, which runs from March 03 to April 28, 2023, will feature a wide range of high-quality stainless steel brewery tanks ranging from 250 gallons to 5500-gallon sizes, as well as positive displacement pumps from the site.

  • Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS) Wraps Up Successful Auction For Concrete Structures

    March 30, 2023

    West Chicago, IL — Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS), a trusted name in the auction industry, is pleased to announce the resounding success of its recent auction for Concrete Structures, a prominent company specializing in concrete building and paving. The Final Job Completion Sale, held from March 23 to March 30, showcased a diverse range of high-quality concrete construction and paving equipment.

  • Aaron Equipment Company Assists Food Processor in Selling Tanks

    June 29, 2022

    When a cancelled project forced a food processing company to divest nine brand new but no-longer-needed agitated tanks, the company engaged Aaron Equipment Company to sell the tanks on its behalf. With the aim of recouping as much of the original investment as possible, Aaron Equipment sold all the tanks in just 39 days, garnering the client net of fees 80+ percent of its original investment.

  • Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS) Ends 2021 with a Bang

    February 21, 2022

    In late November, AIS held a two-day auction in Henderson, NV, selling equipment surplus to the ongoing operations of TIMET, an industry leader in melt and mill products. This was AIS’ largest auction to date, regarding both number of lots and bidders. Over the two-day auction, AIS sold nearly 800 individual lots with more than 320 bidders. The auction was held online, with buyers from across the United States and Canada. These buyers included manufacturers, equipment users, dealers, and scrap buyers.

  • Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS) Turns One

    November 30, 2021

    Wood Dale, IL – November 2021 – Aaron Industrial Solutions (AIS) proudly celebrates its first anniversary this month as a trusted resource for auction, liquidation and consulting services. AIS was formed under the umbrella of Aaron Equipment Company, as they leveraged their vast knowledge and track record as the industry- leading dealer in used process and packaging equipment sales. In just one year, AIS has become one of the industry’s most powerful industrial auction companies.

  • Basic Centrifuge Designs

    April 07, 2021

    Centrifuges are basically categorized into six types (Decanter, Disc, Basket, Pusher, Peeler, Tubular Bowl). A Decanter Centrifuge come in two general designs - Solid Bowl or Screen Bowl. A Basket Centrifuge is either perforated or solid bowl design.

  • What Is Your Used Machine Worth?

    March 26, 2021

    Process and packaging equipment takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it can be very tempting for companies and individuals who have idle machinery to try to dispose of it as quickly as possible with the goal of freeing up plant space for another use or to save on rent, utilities, and taxes. Failure to contact an expert early when making decisions can be very costly in more ways than one.

  • A Global Leader in Used and New Equipment

    September 17, 2020

    One of the largest global dealers of used and new equipment, Aaron Equipment Company specializes in process and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, plastics, chemical and allied industries. In recent years, the company has provided consulting services to several Fortune 100 companies whose large projects have involved multiple sites. These sites’ equipment has ranged from commodity plant utilities to highly engineered process systems.

  • Aaron Equipment and AEK Packaging Hit the Jackpot at SupplySide West

    November 14, 2018

    Aaron Equipment Company and AEK Packaging recently exhibited at SupplySide West at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 8-9, 2018. SupplySide West brings together ingredient buyers and suppliers from the dietary supplement, beverage, functional food, personal care and sports nutrition industries. They had more than 1,300 exhibiting companies and attracted 16,000+ active attendees.

  • Government Affairs: Huge Changes in the new “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”

    February 21, 2018

    (Published on 1/11/18) Written by Craig L. Ward, MDNA Vice President and Government Affairs Committee Chairman.

    Here’s the MDNA low-down on “An Act to Provide for Reconciliation Pursuant to Titles II and V of the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018” (commonly known as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”) and how it affects our used metalworking and capital equipment market.

  • Aaron Equipment Company Poised to Meet Demand of Expanding Heat Exchanger Market

    October 12, 2016

    According to market research firm Markets and Markets, the heat exchangers market is anticipated to be worth 19.14 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. That figure represents a cost-adjusted growth rate of 8.2% over 2016’s $12.94 billion valuation. In the interim, Global Industry Analysts expect the heat exchanger market to jump to $13.5 billion by the year 2017. What is fueling all this growth? Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration deployments top the list of drivers, as do increasing power generation capacities. But advancements in heat exchangers themselves are also prompting businesses who use them to up their technological game.

  • Use of Centrifuges for Rendering

    August 18, 2015

    If your business operations entail conversion of animal waste into more useful, value-added materials like lard or tallow, then you know how essential a centrifuge is to accomplishing that aim. Maybe you are on the hunt for a new, reconditioned or used centrifuge to replace your current one, or perhaps you are entirely new to the world of rendering. Either way, shopping for a centrifuge can be confusing. We hope this primer will help make the purchasing process less baffling for you.

  • Benefits of Plastics Recycling Equipment

    May 21, 2015

    If your business operations entail the production or heavy use of plastics, you may not have thought too much about the influence you are putting on the world around you. Consider these facts from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Approximately 4 percent of the U.S.’s total energy consumption is used in the production of all plastic products and as of 2009, a mere 7 percent of U.S. plastic waste was recycled.

  • Centrifuges for Wastewater Treatment

    January 08, 2015

    Centrifuges’ use in the treatment of wastewater enjoys a longstanding history. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Office of Water, “Centrifuges have been used in wastewater treatment since the 1930s.1” During that 80+ years of usage, centrifuges have helped separate wastewater solids from liquid, thereby ridding it of contaminants.

  • Stainless Steel Tanks are Optimal for Wine Storage

    November 04, 2014

    Storing wine as it ages to its optimal taste can be a delicate operation. The ideal temperature range is a tight window of 45°F to 65°F. Anything higher than that can cause premature aging of the wine, resulting in an undesirable loss in both flavor and balance. Too cold, and the flavor and the aroma of the wine declines as well. And then there is the humidity factor. If the humidity is not kept under strict control, mold begins to form… ruining the entire batch.

  • Five Tips for Buying Used Equipment

    September 04, 2014

    You’re looking to save a little bit of money—and let’s face it, what business isn’t these days? As a result, you’re considering purchasing used equipment instead of buying new, but you are still not sure if you want to take the risk. After all, new equipment comes with more assurances and therefore greater peace of mind.

  • A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a Diesel Generator

    August 12, 2014

    Congratulations, you’ve done your research and concluded that a diesel generator is right for you. You already know that this decision will result in the need for a smaller engine than a natural gas generator requires, thereby lowering your acquisition cost. You also know that you’ll enjoy a long lifespan with a diesel generator (upwards of 20,000 hours, prior to an overhaul) lower maintenance costs, greater fuel efficiency and faster response time.

  • Aaron Equipment Company Donates Stainless Steel Tank to Biodiesel Classroom Project

    April 29, 2012

    When Aaron Equipment Company recently learned that an environmentally conscious Missouri classroom project was in jeopardy without a heat-proof mix tank, a company executive stepped up to the plate and offered to donate a 200-gallon stainless steel cone-bottom tank from its used, unused and reconditioned process equipment inventory. The gift will allow Rockwood School District’s organic chemistry students to not only enter an upcoming engineering competition but eventually be able to sell their biodiesel one day.

  • Centrifuge Reconditioning

    April 09, 2010

    If you have a centrifuge or are going to buy a used centrifuge, which you intend to have reconditioned here are a couple of thoughts to consider. Your first choice is to use the centrifuge manufacturer or a independent centrifuge reconditioning facility. The manufacturers all perform the proper reconditioning but at a very costly price. In recent years some of the manufacturers have branched out to other brand centrifuges to keep their facilities busy, but price still be a factor in this scenario.

  • Used Equipment Sales On The Rise!

    January 13, 2010

    The biotech companies surviving recent hard times know a thing or two about managing costs and saving money. Some are capitalizing on the failure of their peers by tapping into a growing supply of used manufacturing equipment. Thanks to the recent turnover among fledgling biotechs some "previously owned" gear has become available at steep discounts. And brokers say that, given economic realities, the stigma of buying used equipment has diminished greatly.

  • Lease a New or Used Generator Set

    September 11, 2009

    Did you know that 80% of all U.S. companies lease equipment? These businesses choose equipment leasing because they know it is the simplest, smartest, and most cost effective way to acquire new and used equipment. Generator leasing offers numerous advantages over other financing methods.

  • Buying a Used Generator Set

    April 12, 2009

    Generators have a useful life of 20,000 to 30,000 hours before a major overhaul is required. Most used generators come from back-up / standby / emergency applications and typically have very low hours. When new is not an option due to lead time or cost a used generator can be a great alternative.

  • Disc Centrifuge Designs

    April 08, 2009

    Disc Centrifuges come in three basic designs.  One is a Solid Bowl, which retains the solids on the inside diameter of the centrifuge bowl assembly.  The solids are removed manually by hand.  Generally they are used in applications with extremely low solids volumes in the feed stream since it is time consuming to remove the solids.