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Generator Set Enclosures

September 22, 2023

If you are going to install a generator set outside your building you will need at least a weather protective or weather proof enclosure. The weather enclosure is designed to do exactly that keep the rain and snow out. Weather enclosures are typically used in industrial settings where there are no residential areas close by. If you are near a residential area check your local code to find out what the acceptable decibel rating (also known as dBa) is for your location. A sound attenuated enclosure is used reduce the noise / decibel / dBa as much as possible. Sound attenuated enclosures are longer and taller than weather enclosures, the additional space allows for insulation on the walls and ceiling of the enclosure. You will typically see a critical muffler installed on the inside of sound attenuated enclosures. Also to reduce the radiator fan noise the housing extends past the radiator and has a series of baffles to further deaden / reduce the noise.

These typical enclosures cover the generator set only. An alternative would be to build a small framed building / shed and you could insulate the walls and ceiling and use louvers and or intake scoops. A framed building could be as large as needed as your site conditions allow, perhaps making enough room around the set for inspections and minor maintenance. We had a customer build a block wall type enclosure with a clay tile roof to fit in with their existing building design and style. We can provide new weather or sound attenuated enclosure with any of our new or used generator sets that we offer.