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Disc Centrifuge Designs

April 08, 2009

Disc Centrifuges come in three basic designs.  One is a Solid Bowl, which retains the solids on the inside diameter of the centrifuge bowl assembly.  The solids are removed manually by hand.  Generally they are used in applications with extremely low solids volumes in the feed stream since it is time consuming to remove the solids.  Another design is a Desludger disc centrifuge.  These design disc centrifuges will discharge the solids while operating either by a timing control or a self-thinking control. The last basic design is a Nozzle disc centrifuge.  These generally have discharge nozzles on the side of the bowl assembly that continuously discharge the separated solids. These Nozzle disc centrifuges generally can handle greater feed rates compared to the two other types of disc centrifuges.