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Used Drying Equipment Buyer's Guide

November 11, 2023

Drying equipment and dryers are used to efficiently process materials that require decreased levels of moisture. Though they are most known for drying clothes, there are several types of dryers and drying equipment that have been built for other purposes including food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and plastics. Different dryer types include rotary vacuum dryers, oven dryers, spray dryers, fluid bed dryers, drum dryers, and more.

Rotary vacuum dryers are used to minimize moisture by putting it into contact with heated gas. A cylinder, also known as a drum or a shell, rotates for this process to occur. When it rotates, the material in it is lifted by a lining within the dryer, and eventually falls and passes through a stream of gas. These dryers are typically used in the mineral industry or the food industry for drying sand, stone, grains, cereals, or coffee beans.

Oven dryers are one of the more common pieces of equipment found in factories. They are very versatile and can be used within several processes within the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical or painting industry. These efficient systems can vary in size and shape depending on for what they are used for.

Spray dryers are most used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and the food industry. This method of drying converts liquid or slurring into powder using rapid drying with hot gas.

Fluid bed dryers are used for drying materials that include tablets, fertilizers, plastics, or granules. They are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry and, as all dryers do, release moisture from the material that goes through it. There are different types of fluidized bed dryers and choosing the correct for a particular process is important, especially from a financial standpoint.

Drum dryers are used to dry out liquids from raw materials. This dryer, like the other dryers, creates a flake or powder formed material. What sets this dryer apart from others is that it can dry very thick materials and is very easy to operate and maintain.

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As of this publication, below is a partial list of OEMs who manufacture dryers or drying equipment:

  • Aaron Process
  • Aeroglide
  • American
  • Andritz
  • Anhydro
  • APV
  • Bartlett Snow
  • Belt-O-Matic
  • Bepex
  • Bethlehem
  • Bowen
  • Buflovak
  • Buhler Inc.
  • Buss
  • Calmic
  • Carmen Industries
  • CMR
  • Cogeim SPA
  • Despatch
  • Devine
  • EDW Renneburg
  • Feeco
  • Fluid Air
  • Gea-Niro
  • Glatt
  • GMF Gouda
  • Goslin-Birmingham
  • Gruenberg
  • Hankinson
  • Henkhaus
  • Holoflite
  • IEC
  • Komline Sanderson
  • Littleford
  • Lodige
  • MEC
  • Nerco
  • Niro
  • Patterson
  • Patterson Kelley
  • Paul O Abbe
  • Pentronix
  • Proctor & Schwartz
  • Sacmi
  • Sandvik
  • Simon
  • Stansteel
  • Stokes
  • Sweco
  • United McGill
  • Vevey
  • Wyssmont
  • Yamato

Why Buy Used Drying Equipment?

Purchasing used equipment is typically 40-50% cheaper than buying new and can save thousands of dollars. Buying used permits the purchaser to control the delivery date, often just a few weeks, whereas new equipment delivery can take months or even a year to manufacture.

Consider Aaron Equipment Company when making your decision to buy used equipment. An 85-year-old, family-owned business, we are a leading used equipment dealer and hold one of the largest inventories of used process equipment in the US. Browse our inventory of used drying equipment or full inventory of used process and packaging equipment here.