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Blue Star Power Systems - New Diesel Generator Sets

Aaron Equipment Company is an authorized distrbutor of new custom diesel generators from Blue Star Power Systems. Blue Star diesel generators are powered by engines from major manufacturers like Cummins, John Deere & Mitsubishi. Generators available range from 25kW to 2250kW. Custom generator sets can be wired as 1/60/120/240 or 3/60/208,240,277-480V.

Custom generator sets by Blue Star can be supplied as open power units, with weather or sound enclosure. The diesel units can be supplied with 24 or 48 hour sub-base fuel tanks and other custom sizes. Blue Star generator options we can supply include PMG excitation, remote monitoring panels and automatic transfer switches.

Many of our custom diesel generator sets can be built as a UL 2200 package as an option. All generator sets meet all the current EPA standards for all 50 states.

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Gaseous Generator | Standard Gaseous Product Line 60 Hz | 1800 RPM

Unit ModelEngine ModelEPAStandby kWePrime kWeSpec Sheet
GM25-02GM 3.0L EPACertified25Consult FactoryDownload
GM40-02GM 4.3L EPACertified40Consult FactoryDownload
GM50-02GM 5.0L EPACertified50Consult FactoryDownload
GM60-02GM 5.7L EPACertified60Consult FactoryDownload
GM100-03GM 5.7LTCACCertified90Consult FactoryDownload
NG150-01D081TICCertified150Consult FactoryDownload
NG200-01D111TICCertified190Consult FactoryDownload
NG265-01D146TICCertified265Consult FactoryDownload
NG350-01D183TICCertified350Consult FactoryDownload
NG400-01D219TICCertified400Consult FactoryDownload

Diesel Generator | Standard Diesel Product Line 60 Hz | 1800 RPM

Unit ModelEngine ModelEPAStandby kWePrime kWeSpec Sheet
JD40-034045TF280Tier 34035Download
JD50-034045TF280Tier 35045Download
JD60-024045TF280Tier 36050Download
JD80-024045HF285Tier 38070Download
JD100-014045HF285Tier 310090Download
CD100-01QSB5-G4 NR3Tier 310090Download
JD125-024045HF285Tier 3125110Download
JD150-016068HF285Tier 3150140Download
CD150-01QSB7-G2 NR3Tier 3150125Download
JD200-016068HFG85Tier 3200185Download
CD200-01QSB7-G5 NR3Tier 3200175Download
JD250-026090HF484Tier 3250250Download
CD250-01QSL9-G2 NR3Tier 3250210Download
JD275-026090HF484Tier 3275250Download
JD300-026090HFG86Tier 3300Not AvailableDownload
CD300-02QSL9-G7 NR3Tier 3300270Download
JD350-016135HF485Tier 3350320Download
VD350-01TAD1352GETier 3350330Download
VD400-01TAD1353GETier 3400360Download
JD415-016135HF485Tier 3415375Download
VD450-01TAD1650GETier 3450410Download
CD500-01QSX15-G9 NR2Tier 2500460Download
VD500-01TAD1641GETier 2500460Download
VD550-01TAD1642GETier 2550510Download
VD600-01TWD1643GETier 2600550Download
MD800-01S12A2-Y2PTAW-2Tier 2800735Download
MD1000-01S12H-Y2PTAW-1Tier 21000920Download
MD1250-01S12R-Y2PTAW-1Tier 212501150Download
MD1600-01S16R-Y2PTAW-1Tier 216001450Download
MD2000-01S16R-Y2PTAW2-1Tier 220001850Download

Diesel Generator | Interim Tie 4 Diesel 60 Hz Generator

Unit ModelEngine ModelEPAStandby kWePrime kWeSpec Sheet

Diesel Generator | Standard Diesel Product Line 50 Hz | 1500 RPM

Unit ModelEngine ModelEPAStandby kWePrime kWeSpec Sheet
JD25-50-014024TF220Non Certified31Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD35-50-015030TF220Non Certified44Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD56-50-014045TF220Non Certified70Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD72-50-014045TF220Non Certified90Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD90-50-014045TF120Non Certified113Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD104-50-016068TF220Non Certified130Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD140-50-016068HF120Non Certified175Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD160-50-016068HF120Non Certified200Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD200-50-016081AF001Non Certified250Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD235-50-016081HF001Non Certified294Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD320-50-016135HF475Non Certified400Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD360-50-016135HF475Non Certified450Consult FactoryConsult Factory
JD400-50-016135HF475Non Certified500Consult FactoryConsult Factory
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