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Aaron Equipment Offers Load Bank Testing of Generator Sets

The performance and reliability of your standby / emergency generator set is of utmost importance. If it fails to peak perform precisely when it is needed, it could cripple your business. That is why a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that includes yearly generator load bank testing is a best practice that is critical to your operating success. It will not only extend the life of your generator’s engine, but it will also ensure you operate business as usual in the event of a power failure. Aaron Equipment Company has the ability to load test generator sets of up to 2500kW, both diesel and natural gas fueled, here at our own facility or regionally at your site.

Load bank testing

what is it?

First and foremost, generator set load bank testing verifies that your standby generator is reliable all around. Secondarily, but just as importantly, such testing scrutinizes your generator’s ability to run at the full kW output at which it is rated.

If you take that full performance as a given, you might be surprised to learn that most generators operate at a far fewer kW rating than their output stipulates they are capable of. Aaron Equipment’s load bank testing not only examines your generator’s ability to perform when an emergency arises, but also to do so optimally at the requisite kW.

No-load testing

what’s the difference?

If your operation is like most, you run your standby generator on a weekly basis, but you do so either unloaded or under loaded. Depending on the occasional utility loss to undertake this testing can result in a situation known as “wet stacking,” particularly with generators that are driven by a diesel engine.

During wet stacking, when the generator is under loaded, unburned fuel builds up in the engine’s exhaust system. The problem is that running your generator for short bursts of time under such conditions does not allow the engine to reach its optimum operating temperature.

Over time, as the unburned fuel continues to accumulate, the engine’s efficiency can be negatively impacted and its lifespan reduced.

Load bank testing of generator sets

what’s in it for me?

Aaron Equipment Company’s load bank testing eliminates the issue of unburned fuel buildup by allowing your generator’s engine to reach its full operating temperature. As a result, your standby generator operates more cleanly and efficiently, thereby ensuring the unit is working exactly as it was designed to do. Regardless of whether your generator’s engine is fueled by diesel or natural gas, it can benefit tremendously from our load bank testing service.


Generator Load Bank Testing

Generator Set Load Banking Test Service

Why choose Aaron

Aaron Equipment Company’s load testing of generator sets is a comprehensive service that monitors every critical component of your generator, including the engine temperature as well as the oil pressure. Throughout the testing process, we carefully oversee the entire unit, ensuring that it is run at normal operating pressures and temperatures once optimal levels are achieved. As part of this service, we provide you with an all-encompassing report that includes all your generator’s output readings % load, kW meter, engine speed, power factor, frequency meter, lube oil pressure, water temp, ambient room temp, oil temp, battery voltage, fuel pressure and fuel level as well as any comments and recommendations.

Whether you would like your standby generator load tested as an individual service or bundled into your existing preventive maintenance service contract as a scheduled and budgeted service, Aaron Equipment can accommodate. Best of all, you will experience no interruption to your facility’s operating schedule during the testing process. Experience why leading manufacturers swear by having their generator sets load banked and tested on an annual basis.

For more details on Load Bank Testing of generator sets, contact Aaron Equipment.

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