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Complete Bio-Refinery Liquidation


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Lake Providence, LA

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Contact Anthony Tufano to schedule an appointmnet.

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Anthony Tufano

Used- Complete Bio-Refinery. Biological Safety Level 1 (BSL-1). Fermentation based manufacturing plant which is capable of producing various bio-chemicals by fermentation processes or possibly catalytic or enzymatic. The major systems of the plant include: sorghum digestion, HTST sterilization, seed fermentation, production fermentation, stainless steel storage capacity, high speed separation, ultra-filtration, simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography, nano-filtration, ion-exchange polishing, crystallization/drying, and plant utilities. Sorghum Digestion - Complete digestion system designed to process ground sorghum grits to glucose at ~23% sugar concentration, including decanters to remove indigestible solids. - Sorghum processing up to 75 tons/day ground, dehulled sorghum. HTST Sterilization - Glucose sterilizer with jumper to switch between 10/35 gpm operations- IPEC supplied automated skid Two-Stage Seed Fermentation - Two-stage fermentation propagation consisting of 2x 200 gallon and 2x 4,000 gallon reactors, fully steam sterilizable Production Fermentation - 4x 108,257 gallon, 304 SS reactors with Ekato agitation- Micro aeration up to 600 lbs/hr airflow - Glucose feeding system - Automated pH control - Automated CIP system with atmospheric steam Stainless Steel Storage CapacityHigh Speed Separation - 2x Alfa Laval Clara 701H fully hermetically sealed solids ejecting centrifuges - G-Force: 8,300xg- Total bowl volume: 72.0 liters- Bowl speed: 4,800 rpm- Max. solids handling: 1,020 l/hr, 0.4-200 micron- Max. feed rate: 330 gpm, between 0-100C Ultra-Filtration- 5 stage UF system with diafiltration and integrated CIP- Each stage consists of 6 membrane housings each holding 4 x 6.3" nominal membrane elements- Total up to 120 elements, PES 5,000 MWCO from Koch Membranes~14.7 square meter surface area each, total 1764 square meter- Stages 1-3: pre concentration- Stages 4-5: diafiltration capability, up to 9 gpm- System designed to process continuously- Max. system flowrate: 108 gpm Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Chromatography- 8 cell SMB chromatography with optional 7 cell mode- Cells are 3.270 gallon rubber lined carbon steel- Separation capacity 262,000 lbs/day of solids- 18.5% feed, 112 gpm feed, 200 gpm water Nano-Filtration- 4 stage NF system with diafiltration and integrated CIP- Each stage consists of 4 membrane housings each holding 4 x 8.0" nominal membrane elements- Total up to 64 elements, PES ~300 MWCO from Dow, ~34.4 square meter surface area each, total 2,201.6 square meter- Stages 1-2: pre concentration- Stages 3-4: diafiltration capability up to 8gpm- System processes continuously - Max. feed rate of 155gpmIon-exchange polishing- Three-stage system (cation resin, anion resin, activated carbon)- Design flow rate: 128-155 gpm with automatic start/stopCrystallization/drying- 4 effect falling film evaporator, 2-stage draft tube baffled crystallizer with worm screw centrifuge, vibrating fluidized bed dryer/cooler, size screener with crystal fines destruction loop- Design basis dryer: up to 5,310 lb/hr wet cake ~5% moisture Evaporation- 3 effect evaporation unit with thermal vapor recompression- 91,100 lbs/hr evaporation rate Plant Utilities- RO water generation- Boile- Cooling Tower- Waste Water Treatment. (Plant owned by GC Innovations, land owned by another party. Land owner leases land to GC Innovations).

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