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Basic Centrifuge Designs

April 07, 2021

Centrifuges are basically categorized into six types; Decanter, Disc, Basket, Pusher, Peeler, and Tubular Bowl.

  1. A Decanter Centrifuge come in two general designs - Solid Bowl or Screen Bowl.
  2. A Basket Centrifuge is either perforated or solid bowl design.
  3. The Disc Centrifuge is either a Solid Bowl/Solids Retaining, Desludger or a Nozzle Centrifuge.
  4. The Pusher Centrifuge could have a pusher plate or a scroll
  5. The Peeler Centrifuge are basically all very similar in general design.
  6. The same applies to tubular bowl centrifuges in that they generally are all similar.

Of course, there are lots of design differences within each of these general centrifuge design classifications. If you have an interest in one of the centrifuges designs and would like to discuss the specifics contact Aaron Equipment at 630-350-2200.