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Stainless Steel Tanks are Optimal for Wine Storage

November 04, 2014

Storing wine as it ages to its optimal taste can be a delicate operation. The ideal temperature range is a tight window of 45°F to 65°F. Anything higher than that can cause premature aging of the wine, resulting in an undesirable loss in both flavor and balance. Too cold, and the flavor and the aroma of the wine declines as well. And then there is the humidity factor. If the humidity is not kept under strict control, mold begins to form… ruining the entire batch.

Fortunately for wineries and hobby wine makers alike, there are storage options to mitigate these spoilage issues. Wine storage tanks can maintain both temperature and humidity in the ranges that they need to be, but all such tanks are not created equally. There are many advantages to using stainless steel wine tanks over other storage options.

Stainless steel is a durable material. It stands up to harsh conditions like moisture, heat, and cold without taking a beating. And it does all of this without exposing its contents to the elements it fights off. That is because the surface of the stainless steel is plated with a heat transfer coating that provides efficient temperature modulation. The smooth radial surface of stainless steel tanks is easy to maintain, offering superior cleaning ability. As a result, these wine storage tanks maintain their good looks for years and years. Stainless steel wine storage tanks enable the wine to ferment and age in the same holding container. Hence, there is no need to invest in separate storage tanks for the two winemaking processes.

Wine storage tanks made from stainless steel come in a variety of options. In terms of capacity, buyers can select from both fixed volume and variable volume storage tanks. The latter protects the containment of any volume of wine against exposure to oxygen thanks to an adjustable lid. Within these two configurations, wine makers can also choose between two different wine storage tank bottom surfaces: flat or conical.

Wine storage tanks offer a wide variety of add-one options such as valves, thermometers, cooling jackets, leveling feet, pump-over systems, sight gauges, and fermentation manways are just some of the features that can be included in a tank configuration.

Stainless steel wine storage tanks hold up well over time and provide an attractive resale value. This quality is to the advantage of both the seller, who wants to recoup their investment, and the buyer, who can find high-quality used wine storage tanks at an attractive price point.

Aaron Equipment Company offers a large selection of reconditioned, unused, and used stainless steel storage tanks in all sizes. If you are looking to purchase a wine storage tank view our online inventory, but, if you want to sell your used tanks submit a request online.