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Centrifuge Reconditioning

April 09, 2010

If you have a centrifuge or are going to buy a used centrifuge, which you intend to have reconditioned here are a couple of thoughts to consider. Your first choice is to use the centrifuge manufacturer or a independent centrifuge reconditioning facility. The manufacturers all perform the proper reconditioning but at a very costly price. In recent years some of the manufacturers have branched out to other brand centrifuges to keep their facilities busy, but price still be a factor in this scenario.

Concerning independent facilities they generally specialize in certain design centrifuges such as being a decanter centrifuge facility, disc centrifuge facility or a centrifuge basket facility. Some do work on multiple design centrifuges. Additionally some facilities specialize in a specific design centrifuges along with a specific manufacturers. It is always best to discuss with that independent facility what centrifuges are it's main part of their business. 
Aaron Equipment Company provides a wide range of centrifugal parts and services. If you would like some insight on which facility works on what centrifuges, we would be glad to assist you.