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Aaron Equipment Company Poised to Meet Demand of Expanding Heat Exchanger Market

October 12, 2016

According to market research firm Markets and Markets, the heat exchangers market is anticipated to be worth 19.14 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. That figure represents a cost-adjusted growth rate of 8.2% over 2016’s $12.94 billion valuation. In the interim, Global Industry Analysts expect the heat exchanger market to jump to $13.5 billion by the year 2017.

What is fueling all this growth? Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration deployments top the list of drivers, as do increasing power generation capacities. But advancements in heat exchangers themselves are also prompting businesses who use them to up their technological game. Prime users include power plants, chemical plants and petrochemical plants along with petroleum refineries, natural gas processing plants and sewage treatment facilities. The space heating, marine shipbuilding, refrigeration and air conditioning sectors also make use of heat exchangers.

Demand in emerging markets like China, India and Saudi Arabia is also swelling the growth of the heat exchanger market. But perhaps the most compelling reason behind the heat exchanger market escalation is the sustainability factor. Globally, energy infrastructure is expanding, and the push to reduce rising heat energy costs is at the forefront of every business’s mind. One way of accomplishing that reduction is by increasing energy efficiency. And heat exchangers play right into that efficiency.

At power plants, for example, a lot of waste gases are emitted. The usage of heat exchanges in the operation, however, helps salvage as much heat as possible from such waste. Instead of sending all that heat into the air where it is of no use, heat exchangers can be positioned inside the smokestacks. The heat is then transferred away, back into the plant for direct recycling or for warming of the cold gases that feed into the furnace.

“At Aaron Equipment Company, we are extremely mindful of the world around us. Whatever role we can play in saving the earth for the next generation is of utmost importance to us,” explains Anthony Tufano, the company’s spokesperson. “We place great emphasis on providing quality used heat exchangers so that our customers can get a great deal on a piece of equipment while simultaneously preserving the planet.”

Couple heat exchangers’ built-in sustainability components with a used or reconditioned model from Aaron Equipment’s inventory and the purchase is a win–win for everyone. The company’s inventory includes air cooled heat exchangers, plate type heat exchangers, scraped surface heat exchangers, alloy shell & tube heat exchangers, carbon shell & tube heat exchangers, stainless shell & tube heat exchangers and spiral heat exchangers.

As Markets and Markets points out, “Shell & tube heat exchangers are the most common types of heat exchangers used globally.” That is because “they offer a relatively large ratio of heat transfer area to volume, weight, and other additional advantages, making them the most commonly used heat exchanger across all industry verticals.” To meet that demand, Aaron Equipment currently has 110 shell & tube models in stock, ready for purchase. The company carries both alloy shell & tube heat exchangers and carbon shell & tube heat exchangers.

For more information on the availability of purchasing a used heat exchanger, please contact Aaron Equipment Company.