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Used Tolhurst Centrifuges

11 Tolhurst Centrifuges

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Stock# 10151292

Used- Ametek/Tolhurst 48" x 30" Perforated Basket Centrifuge. Hastelloy construction (product contact areas). Max basket speed 1140 rpm, top load, bottom unload, tri-pod suspension system double motion plow assembly, center cone feed design, feed pipe, rinse pipe (PVC construction), curb housing, top cover with inspection door, more info...

Stock# 11059021

Used-Tolhurst Ametek 30" Basket/Batch Rubber Lined Center-Slung Centrifuge, Model 1-B-1. Perforated basket, top load/unload, basket speed 500/1000 rpm, max bulk density 70 lbs/cubic foot, 3/1.5 hp, 480V, 1720/850 rpm drive.

Stock# 13140007

Used-Tolhurst Semi-Batch-O-Matic 48" x 24" Perforated Basket Centrifuge. Hastelloy wetted parts. Bottom dump design. Driven by a 30 hp explosion proof motor thru oil gear hydraulic drive. Hydraulic 316 stainless steel plow discharge assembly and cover interlock. Basket speed 0-1080 rpm.

Stock# 40037028

Used- Tolhurst 40" x 24" Centerslung Batch-O-Matic Top Load, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge. Hastelloy C276 construction on product contact areas. Rated 82 lbs/cubic foot, 0 to 1180 rpm perforated basket. Lined curb, solid 316 stainless steel lid. Designed for nitrogen purge. Unit has a wash pipe, center feed, cake detector, hinged more info...

Stock# 71942

Used- Ametek/Tolhurst Center-Slung 26" x 12" Perforated Basket Centrifuge, Rubber Lined (Product Contact Areas). Top load/unload, max bowl speed 1200/600 RPM, basket rated @ 96 lbs per cubic foot, tripod suspension system, PVC feed pipe, rinse pipe with nozzles. Top cover with inspection door and sightglass. Driven by a 2 HP, 3/ more info...

Stock# 73131

Used- Tolhurst 40" x 24" Perforated Basket Centrifuge, 316 stainless steel basket, 316 stainless steel lined curb, 316 stainless steel top, top load, bottom unload, double action plow assembly, tri-pod suspension, center cone feed distributor, feed pipe, rinse pipe, hinged inspection door.

Stock# 73133

Used- Tolhurst 48" x 24" Perforated Basket Centrifuge, T316L Stainless Steel Contacts. Includes rinse tube, feed tube, vibration switch, cake detector, cover switch, double action plow assembly. Basket type 316L stainless steel. No drive.

Stock# 73152

USED: Parts for a Tolhurst 48 x 24 basket centrifuge consisting of a stainless steel perforated basket.

Stock# 73153

USED: Parts for a Tolhurst 48" basket centrifuge consisting of a stainless steel top assembly.

Stock# 83310

USED: Tolhurst perforate basket centrifuge bowl only, 48" x 24", 316 stainless steel. Top load, bottom unload. Rated 73 pounds per cubic foot at 1080 rpm.

Stock# 85088

Used- Tolhurst 24" x 10" Perforated Basket Centrifuge. Kynar lined product contact areas, top load/unload. Approximate maximum bowl speed 1200 rpm. Tripod suspension, top cover with sightglass. Driven by an approximate 5 hp XP motor.

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