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State of the Art Newspaper Printing Plant
Jersey City, NJ

State of the Art Newspaper Printing Plant Equipment, Including KBA Paper Splicer Systems, Pesmel Paper Inventory Management System with Roll Cranes, Roll Transport, & Racking, Overhead Crane Systems, Automatic Strappers, Bundle Turners, Stackers, Pallet Wrappers, Forklifts & Electric Pallet Jacks, Machine Shop Equipment, Air Compressors, Newspaper Memorabilia Gym Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Office Supplies, and Much More!


Paper Splicer System

•            (2) 2009 KBA Eco 75" Wide Paper Splicer Systems, with Roll Tracks


Paper Inventory Management System

•            Pesmel Material Flow How Paper Inventory Storage & Retrieval System, Project # 7306 (2009), with (2) Pesmel Automated 2,500 KG Capacity Roll Cranes, Automated Track System, and Heavy-Duty Roll Storage Pallet Racking, 354 Max Roll Storage Capacity (6 sections per row x 59 rows)


Overhead Cranes

•            Overhead Superior 5-Ton Bridge Crane System, Underhung Single Girder, S/N 16115, with Rail

•            Overhead Sisco Bridge 3-Ton Bridge Crane, Underhung Single Girder, with Hoist


Automatic Strappers

•            (8) 2008 Mosca Automatic Strappers Model TR600

•            (9) 2010 Dynaric Automatic Strappers Model NP3

•            (15) 2010 Quipp Viper Strappers



•            (4) 2010 Quipp Stackers Model 400

•            (3) 2008 Ferag Stackers


Bundle Turners

•            (15) 2008 Quipp Bundle Turners


Pallet Wrappers

•            (2) Wulftec Pallet Wrappers Model WSML-150-S


Electric Forklifts & Pallet Jacks

•            (3) Crown Electric Forklifts

•            (1) Hyster Electric Forklift

•            (4) Stocklin Electric Pallet Truck Model EFP 2000

•            (2) Lift Rite Electric Pallet Jacks

•            Assorted Electric Forklift & Pallet Jack Chargers


Boom Lift & Man Lift

•            Upright Boom Lift Model SP-37

•            Marklift Man Lift


Machine Shop Equipment

•            Nardini Engine Lathe Model SZ 20120T

•            Nardini Engine Lathe Model Mascote

•            Bridgeport Vertical Mill

•            Cincinnati Toolmaster Vertical Mill

•            Rigid Pipe Threader

•            Do-All Vertical Bandsaw

•            Kalamazoo Horizontal Bandsaw

•            Roper Whitney Pexto Foot Shear Model 152K

•            Roper Whitney Brake

•            Double-Ended Grinders


Air Compressors

•            2013 Quincy 100-HP Air Compressor Model QGV-100, with air dryer system

•            Quincy QSI-100 100-HP Air Compressor Model QSI500ACA31EC

•            Quincy Air Compressor Model QT-10



Dust Collectors

•            (4) Micro Air Dust Collector systems


General Plant

•            (1) Ameriwater Water Filtration System

•            Large Quantity of Assorted Motors

•            Assorted Heavy-Duty Pallet Racking

•            Assorted Metro Racks

•            Assorted Dump Hoppers

•            Assorted Vidmar Cabinets

•            Assorted Toolboxes

•            (5) Lift Rite Pallet Jacks

•            (6) Weight Tronics Digital Scales



•            Large Quantity of Artwork, Framed Photos, and Assorted Newspaper Memorabilia


Gym Equipment

•            (2) Treadmills

•            Free Weights


Kitchen Equipment

•            Pizza Oven

•            Refrigerators

•            Sinks

•            Meat Slicer

•            Fryer

•            Ice Maker

•            Misc. Kitchen Equipment


Office Equipment

•            Large Quantity of Printer Toner

•            Large Quantity of Printer Supplies

•            Misc. Office Supplies


Event Information

Location: Jersey City, NJ
Start Date: October 13, 2022
End Date: October 20, 2022

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Sam Bersh
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