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Make An Offer - Big Bear Confectionery Ltd
Leicester, United Kingdom

Make An Offer - Big Bear Confectionery Ltd - Sweet Manufacturing and Packaging Lines (2) and High Pressure Steam Boiler Plant (2017)


Boiled Sweet Production Line
5160 individual sweets produced every 5 minute, 1.4 ton raw capacity per hour. Four lane sweet manufacturing lines consisting of Ter Braak - pre cooker/rotor cooker, APV extract pump, colour / flavour dosing system with qty 6 stainless steel dosing pots, 12 ingredient dosing hopper 580 x 220 x 220mm manufacturer process pipework installation services, design temperature 200 degrees C, year 2018, cooker control panel, Warren - belt / roller cooling tunnel approx 11 mtr in length 600mm wide, air cooled with qty 3 fans, cooling tunnel has 11 sections in total, Munters hot air extractor unit, take off belt conveyor 450mm belt approx 10 mtr in length, 180 degree turning conveyor, Safeline metal detector, aperture 400 x 100mm, incline conveyor 2000 x 400mm. Wrapping/packing area : consists of qty 9 Carle Montenari wrapping machines model CM.Y800 serial numbers 2781, 2782, 2784, 2639, 2783, 2638, 2785, 2637 and N/A, speeds various from 520 to 750 units per minute. Qty 3 Ishida - 10 position weigh scale fillers. Frosts outfeed conveyor 5000 x 550mm feeding KMG bucket elevator, buckets 190 x 100mm approx 6 mtr high. KMG stainless steel store conveyor approx 4000 x 1500 x 700mm, belt 1660mm. Qty 4 KMG vibratory conveyors. Doboy - bulk line bag sealer model T5 serial number 485317P, Markem printer model Smart Date year 2003 serial number 05760211, Jar feed conveyor 10 mtr in length with guide rails, motor driven. Qty 2 Bosch bagging machines type 125N, serial numbers 7112 and 7111 year 1984. Qty 2 Markem printers model smart data. Qty 2 Loma Systems metal detectors model QPB35 year 2013, aperture 350 x 160mm fitted with Loma incline conveyor model AMC48177 year 2013. Qty 4 Endoline box sealing machines.

Compressed Tablet Sweet Production Line
Capacity 4 ton per 8 hour shift. Consists of manual feed sugar silo, Bauermeister - ground sugar bunker with dust extractor transferring to Winkworth mixer type 61/SSDDVAC serial number 4853 via qty 2 stainless steel screw conveyors, 1 at approx 10 mtr and 1 at approx 4 mtr, stainless steel construction. Ajax paddle and roller machine with 600 x 900 x 580mm infeed hopper. Bpex extruding and sizing rollers 120mm dia with stainless steel hopper 1000 x 100 model EWW1000 serial number 51049 year 1987. Bpex sweet forming machine type HS1200S serial number 51048 year 1987 . out feed conveyor with 180 degree turn belt 1100mm, motor driven. PowerTek Ltd kibbler machine type 30QX450N188LER serial number P14836. Mint oil pump system with Prominent pump unit and Siemens simatic touch screen control. Qty 2 liquid mixing holding tanks, stainless steel, 1200mm dia, pressure 132 PSIG, design pressure 180 degrees C, year 1983, top operated stirrer. APV Mitchel dryer, 12 section each approx 1 mtr in length, stainless steel construction, motor driven with control panel. DCE dust extraction system. KMG stoeveyor approx 5000 x 1800mm feed by KMG stainless steel uplift bucket conveyor, buckets 1600 x 120mm. Loma metal detector serial number

Boiler plant
Consists of qty 2 Danstoker model OPTI 500 high pressure steam boilers, serial numbers 17-1703-1 and 17-1703- 2, year 2017. Reverse osmosis plant - contains qty 2 Pentair 440 ltr resin filters, year 2017. Qty 1 Evorblue model filterOne water filter, 6 Bar pressure, max 40 degrees C. Qty 1 RGS3000 revers osmosis controller. Qty 1 Grundfos pump unit. Process water softener system - contains stainless steel holding tank 2500 x 2000 x 2000 material 304L 1800ltr capacity. Qty 2 Pentair 440 ltr resin filters, year 2017. Plastic salt tank. Qty 1 Gundfos pump and flow meter. Qty 2 chemical additive dispensers and boiler control system.

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Location: Leicester, United Kingdom
Start Date: February 28, 2020
End Date: February 28, 2020

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Sale Contact:
Robbie White
+44 (0)791 888 2125

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