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Former Assets of Faubourg Brewing Co. – Complete Closure of Large Brewing Company
New Orleans, LA

Complete Closure of Large Brewing Company, Including: Brewhouse, Fermenters and Brite Tanks, Brewery Support Equipment, Bottling and Canning Equipment, Facility and Refrigeration Equipment, Mobile, Material Handling, and General Plant Equipment, Laboratory, Taproom and Office Furniture, and Much More!


·         Large K-Malt System for Brewing with Mill, Bag Unloaders & Blowers
·         K-Malt System for Pilot Brewing with Mill, Blower & Flex Auger, 2019
·         Lehui 15 BBL Semi-Automatic Pilot Brewhouse, 2019
·         100 BBL 5-Vessel Brewhouse
Fermenters and Brite Tanks
·         (30) Mueller 240 BBL/8,300 Gallon Fermentation Tanks
·         (7) Lehui 30 BBL Cone Bottom Uni-Tanks, 2019
·         (2) Lehui 300 BBL Brite Tanks with Pumps, 2019
·         Lehui 60 BBL Stainless Steel Brite Tank, 2019
·         (2) Mueller 250 BBL Brite Tanks with Pumps
·         Falco Jacketed RO Water Buffer Tank, 520-Gallon
Brewery Support Equipment
·         Alfa Laval Automatic Separator, Type PX810-HGV, 2019
·         Alfa Laval Flash Pasteurizer, Type Flexithem-VB 30-60 hl/h, 2019
·         Alfa Laval Carbonator Skid, Type Carboblend-CD 40-60 hl/h, 2019
·         Brew Tank CIP System , 2-Tank Design with Associated Pumps & Heat Exchanger, 2019
·         Filling Line CIP System , 2-Tank Design with Associated Pumps & Heat Exchanger, 2019
·         CIP System, Single Tank Design with Associated Pumps & Heat Exchanger
·         Brewiks 5-Tank Micro Brew System with Mobile Buffer Tank
·         (2) Ampco Portable Centrifugal pumps
Bottling and Canning Equipment
·         CFT/Levati Combo Depalletizer for Both Bottles and Cans, Slip Sheet Stacker, 2019
·         CFT Can Filler, 12 & 16 oz. Cans, with Seamer and Lid Feeder, 2019
·         FT Systems Full Can Inspection Unit #1 (Antares Vision Group), 2019
·         Pasteurizing/Warming Tunnel with Connecting Infeed & Outfeed Conveyors, 2019
·         Comac Inline Drying Tunnel, Air Blow Design, 2019
·         Makro Can Sleever/Labeler, Type MAK-2 12P UG2 L3 UAiCE, 2019
·         (2) VideoJet Ink Jet Coders Model 1220, 2019
·         (2) FT Systems Full Bottle Inspection Units (Antares Vision Group), 2019
·         CFT Monoblock Bottle Filler-Capper, 2019
·         Quadral Labler & Conveyor, 2019
·         (2) VideoJet Ink Jet Coders, Model 1860
·         WestRock Case Packer Model AI-2H BP200 Brewpack, 2019
·         (2) WestRock Flat Erectors, Model TP15 Tray Pack, 2019
·         HelioPacking Applicator for 6-Pack Can Bundles
·         Hamrick Pick and Place Bottle Caser, 2019
·         Pearson Case Sealer, 2019
·         Pearson, Case Former, 2019
·         Pearson, Carrier Erector, 2019
·         Pearson Case Stuffer with Infeed Conveyor, 2019
·         Hytrol Power Roller Case Conveyor, approx. 80” to palletizer, 2019
·         Comac Palletizer and Conveyor, 2019
·         Atlanta Stretch Wrapper with Turntable and Outfeed Full Pallet Conveyor
·         Orion Pallet Stretch Wrapper
Facility and Refrigeration Equipment
·         Cummins Emergency Generator, LP Gas Driven
·         ELGI 60 hp Air Compressor Model EG45-150 V
·         Glycol Package Chiller System (4) Compressor Sets
·         Chem-Aqua RO Water System, with Pumps, Softener, Poly Water Tanks, & Controls
·         Sellers 300 hp process Boiler, 150 psi, with Deaerator Tank
·         Custom Drive-In Cooler, (2) doors, (2) Bohn 3-Fan Evaps, HeatCraft Condenser
·         Keg Room Cooler (Custom Built)
Mobile, Material Handling, and General Plant Equipment
·         (25 +) Pallet Racking Sections
·         Freight Elevator, 6000 lb Capacity
·         2018 Ford F-750 24’ Box Truck, 6.7L Diesel
·         Crown Electric Stacker, 3000 Series ST
·         Wastequip Cardboard Baler, Model 6030X-D, 2004
·         (4) Vidmar Cabinets with Sapre Parts and Tools
·         Anton Pear Alcolyzer
·         Hach Spectometer, DR 6000EDU
·         Leica Microscope
·         Pall DNA Analyzer
·         SAS Lab Hood
Taproom and Office Furniture
·         Taproom and Furnishings
·         Pub Kitchen, Stove, Oven, Deep Fryers, Refrigerator, Pots and Pans
·         Office Furniture

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Location: New Orleans, LA
Start Date: May 30, 2024
End Date: June 06, 2024

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Danny Bersh
[email protected]

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