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Carbide Tool Manufacturing Equipment - CJT Koolcarb
Carol Stream, IL

Carbide Tool Manufacturing Equipment Including CNC Lathes, CNC Grinders, CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders, Drill Grinders, Centerless Grinders, Wheel Dressers, Ded-Tru Grinders, Shot Blast Machines, Ovens, Laser Marker, Air Compressors and Air Dryers, Large Quantity of Smog Hogs, General Plant Equipment, Optical Comparators, Laboratory Equipment, and More!


CNC Lathe & Turning Center

Mazak Quick Turn Nexus CNC Turning Center Model QTN-100, S/N 187169 (2000), Mazak Mazatrol 640T Nexus CNC Control, 12.1” Distance Between Centers, 11” Max. Turning Diameter, 2” Spindle Bore, 6,000 RPM Max Spindle Speed, 15 HP Spindle Motor,

Bridgeport Romi CNC Lathe Model EZ Path, S/N 002079604-325, 16.5” Swing Over Bed, 8” Swing Over Cross Slide, 40” Distance Between Centers, 37.5 – 3,000 RPM Spindle Speeds, 4.6/8 HP, 8” 3-Jaw Chuck


CNC Vertical Machining Center

Fadal CNC Vertical Machining Center Model 906 VMC 4020HT, S/N 9802478, 48” x 20” Table, 40” X-axis Travel, 20” Y-Axis Travel, 20” Z-Axis Travel, 4” to 24” Spindle Nose to Table, Speeds, 21 Position ATC, with Fadal 32MP CNC Controls


CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders

ANCA 5-Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder Model TGX Grinder, S/N 323564 (1999), ANCA 3DX CNC Controls, 13.8” Maximum Grinding Diameter, 30” Maximum Grinding Length, 30” X-Axis Travel, 18” Y-Axis Travel, 14” Z-Axis Travel, 7.7” Wheel Diameter, 8,000 RPM Maximum Grinding Wheel Speed, 24 HP Grinding Wheelhead Motor

Walter 5-Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder Model Helitronic Minipower HMC-500, S/N 7612 (1998), HMC-500 CNC Controls, 4” Maximum Tool Diameter, 7.9” Maximum Grind Length, 13.8” X-Axis Travel, 7.9” Y-Axis Travel, 18.5” Z-Axis Travel, 2.8” Double End Grinding Spindle, 6” Maximum Grinding Wheel Diameter, 500 to 10,500 RPM Grinding Wheel Speed, 16 HP Grinding Spindle Motor

Walter 5-Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder Model Helitronic Power HMC-400, S/N 6532 (1997), HMC-400 CNC Controls, 4” Maximum Tool Diameter, 7.9” Maximum Grind Length, 13.8” X-Axis Travel, 7.9” Y-Axis Travel, 18.5” Z-Axis Travel, 6” Maximum Grinding Wheel Diameter, 500 to 10,500 RPM Grinding Wheel Speed, 16 HP Grinding Spindle Motor

(2) Excalibur 5-Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders Model E45CNC, S/N 4530 & N/A

Bramac CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder Model 052/5, S/N 0129 (1998), with Hoffman NUM CNC Controls

(2) Unison CNC Super Truflute Tool & Cutter Grinders Model 4000, S/N’s 501 & 502, with Unison Programable CNC Controls

(2) Unison CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders Model 2700, S/N’s 2700-100 & 132

(2) Huffman CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders Model HS-205R, S/N’s W0-806 & W0-735

Huffman CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder Model HS-155F, S/N HB053196-696

Huffman CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder Model HS-155, S/N HB-093093-615


Cylindrical Grinders

Shigiya Cylindrical Grinder Model GU-30B-100A, S/N 081417 (1998), 11.8” Swing Over Table, 40” Center Distance

(2) Shigiya Cylindrical Grinders Model GU-30B-60A, S/N’s, 080198 (1998) and 080083 (1998), 11.8” Swing Over Table, 23.6” Center Distance

Shigiya Cylindrical Grinder Model GPA-20-50, S/N 20132, 7.8” Swing Over Table, 20” Center Distance

Toyoda Cylindrical Grinder Model GOP 32 x 50, S/N RC-4771 (1994), 12.5” Swing Over Table, 20” Center Distance

Danobat Cylindrical Grinder Model M-51, S/N 294

Danobat Cylindrical Grinder Model 50


Centerless Grinders

Unison Flexible Centerless Grinding System Model 2100B, S/N 179

(2) Unison Centerless Grinders Model U-12

G-P Italy Centerless Grinder Model 65, S/N 82178


Surface Grinders

(2) Tru Tech Systems Surface Grinders Model 618


Tool & Cutter Grinders

(7) Cincinnati Tool & Cutter Grinders Model 2

Elliott Tool & Cutter Grinder Model No. 5, S/N 140197850

Hybco Tool & Cutter Grinder Model 1900, S/N TG-581

Christen Tool & Cutter Grinder Model 1-14 NC, S/N 364


Honing Machines & Hole Popper

Sunnen Precision Honing Machine Model MBC-1804, S/N 90852, Power Stroker, with Sunnen Tooling Cabinet & Accessories

Sunnen Precision Honing Machine Model MBB-1690, S/N 84990

Sodick Hole Popper Model KIC


Automatic Blank Producer

Precision Abrasive Machine Automatic Blank Producer, S/N 905161001


Cut-Off & Conning Machines

Precision Abrasive Cut-Off Machine Model 94C, S/N 30297

Precision Abrasive Conning Machine Model 99, S/N 100010045

Precision Abrasive Conning Machine Model 2-00, S/N 2290090049


Wheel Dresser

General Industrial Diamon Wheel Dresser Model 252, S/N 10990

Super Abrasive Wheel Dresser Model EX 50, S/N 0597-0009, with Hammond Dust Collector Model TDK-4C


Lapping Machine

Lapmaster Lapping Machine Model 15, S/N 220999



Mori Seki Engine Lathe Model MS-1250, S/N 10269, 17.25” Swing Over Bed, 9.75” Swing Over Cross Slide, 49” Distance Between Centers, 12-Speed, 32-1800 RPM Speed Range


Screw Machines

Traub Screw Machine Model TB 42, with Rollway Bar Feed Model 156-AML

Traub Screw Machine Model A-15/25 S/N 7488/9, with Traub Bar Feed Model B3500

(2) Traub Screw Machines Model ASM A15/20


Chip Spinner

Barrett Centrifugal Chip Spinner, S/N 401250-SES


Vertical Mills

Lagun Vertical Mill Model FT-2

Wyssbrod Milling Machine Model 3, S/N 102


Drill Grinders

Giddings & Lewis Drill Grinder Model Winslowmatic HC

(2) Giddings & Lewis Drill Grinders Model Winslow HC

(3) Giddings & Lewis Drill Grinders

(2) Oliver Instruments Drill Grinder Model 600, S/N 8845 & N/A


Custom Drilling Machines

Universal Automatic Drilling Machine Model AD-CNC 12, S/N 3045

Universal Automatic Drilling Machine Model AS-CNC 8, S/N 2881


Horizontal Milling Machines

(3) Iwashita Horizontal Milling Machines Model No. 1 NKG5, S/N’s 3605, 3053, & 3694, with Vertical Heads


Fritz Werner Horizontal Mill

 Shot Blast Machines & Blast Booths

Guyson Multi-Blast Rotary Shotblast Machine Model RXS-800, S/N M-9658, with Dust Collector

Guyson Tumble Blast System Model T-40, S/N M-13226

(2) ICM Dry Blast Booths

Trinco Dry Blast Booths


Furnaces & Ovens

Wisconsin Oven

(3) C.L. Hayes Furnaces Model MYD 1, S/N’s 16418, 16415, and N/A


Laser Marker

Insignia Instamark Laser Marker Model LX-900, S/N 27278254


Lab Equipment

Nikon Optical Comparator, S/N 42034, with Quadra Check 2000

Nikon Optical Comparator, S/N 60110, with Quadra Check III

Fowler Optical Comparator, with Quadra Check II E

Assorted Microscopes


Air Compressors & Dryers

(2) Sullair 60-HP Rotary Screw Air Compressors Model 12BS-60H AC/AC, S/N’s 003-92730 & 003-69099

Pure-Aire C Series Cycling Refrigerated Dryer Model C750, S/N 2017092710882 (2017)

Sullair Air Dryer Model 4509/A, S/N 20080329005

Sullair Air Dryer Model SRL

(2) Samuel Pressure Vessel Air Receiving Tanks

Sullair Air Receiving Tank


Vacuum Filters & Chillers

Hydroflow Vacuum Filter Model HVF-24A, S/N 97527, Media: 39” x 1.0 x 500 Yards

Flowcon Paper Filter Honing System Model HP-90, S/N 7146

(3) Remcor Chillers Model CH3003A



Clark 5,000-LB Electric Forklift Model ECS30, S/N E357-0384-6865FB


Pickup Truck

2000 Dodge Dakota Sport Quad Cab Pickup Truck, VIN 187GG2ANX1S133158, with UniMount Snowplow


General Plant Equipment

Gorbell 1,000-LB Free-Standing Crane System, with Anver Vacuum Lift

Miller Syncrowave 250 Arc Welder, with Bernard Mig Attachment Model 350055

Grob Vertical Bandsaw Model 4V-24, S/N 3288

Craftsman 10” Deluxe Flex Drive Table Saw

Delta & Jet Drill Presses

Large Quantity of Smog-Hog Industrial Air Cleaners

Assorted Pallet Racking & Cantilever Racking

Wheel Hubs

Metro Racking

Assorted Tooling & Spare Parts

And More!

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Location: Carol Stream, IL
Start Date: February 08, 2022
End Date: February 15, 2022

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