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Aaron Process Equipment

For over 80 years, Aaron Process Equipment recognized the demand for competitively priced new process equipment. Their new line of processing equipment is designed and engineered for the most demanding applications with unsurpassed quality and dependability.

Today, Aaron Process is recognized for designing and manufacturing the most advanced line of quality mixing and blending machinery in the industry. Aaron Process also maintains a large inventory of spare parts providing our customers with immediate delivery on needed replacement parts. Their in house shop capabilities can also rebuild or remanufacture your mixer or blender. Trade ins are also welcome on your next purchase of a new mixer or blender.


New Mixing & Blending Process Equipment Manufacturer

Aaron Process offers a complete line of Sigma Blade Mixers, Mixer Extruders, Plow Mixers, FDA approved Sanitary Ribbon Blenders, Planetary Mixers and a Laboratory style mixers.

All our mixers are available in many sizes and available with standard design features and upgradeable options.

Aaron Process Equipment Company is backed by their commitment to service and one of the longest warranties in the industry. 

MBG & ZBG Models

Double Arm Mixers

The Aaron Process MBG & ZBG bottom discharge double arm mixer is known for ease of operation, mixing efficiency and variable bottom discharge options from flush valves to typical flange mounted ball & gate valves.

Mixing adhesives, ceramics, lubricants, carbon pastes or any other semi flow-able viscous products can easily be handled in the Aaron Process MBG & ZBG mixer.

The MBG mixer is also suitable for mixing and drying of heat-sensitive materials that undergo phase changes during processing, such as liquids to plastics to powders.

MXT & MXG Models

Mixer Extruders

The Aaron Process Mixer Extruder is designed for mixing medium to high viscosity materials with the added convenience to discharge products from the lower portion of the mixing bowl by means of a screw. The screw is positioned at the tangent point of the two counter rotating mixer arms.

The benefit? Additional energy applied to the mixing process. The screw is operated in reverse to aid during mixing.

When the process is complete, the screw is run in forward motion to discharge the product through a custom designed or customer supplied profile die.

IMB & NR Models

Ribbon Blenders

Aaron Process blending results in uniformity and homogeneous, accurate mixing of all grades of materials from granular, heavy density cakes, plastics and pigments to light, dry, fine powders. Engineered and constructed for rugged, heavy-duty production.

Aaron Process Equipment Company Mixers are completely dependable. Their tough construction is fully welded for maximum strength, rigidity and to meet sanitary requirements.
All machine surfaces are clean and smooth for sanitation purposes and minimal waste.

There are no projecting screws, nuts, bolts, pockets or ledges and all corners are rounded to help eliminate material build-up which may cause contamination.

MCG Model

Tilt Mixers

The standard height Double Arm Mixer with hydraulic tilt was the first of Aaron's mixer line. The Aaron Process unit is furnished with the widest selection of standard features and options available in the industry.

Aaron Process combines yesterday's experience with the technical knowledge of today to produce machinery servicing the needs of industry into the future. Aaron Process 50 gallon heavy duty mixer is available with up to 60HP drive.

Standard configuration utilizes sigma tangental blades, 50HP drive, hydraulic tilt, jacketed bowl and vacuum cover.

WCG Model

LowBoy Mixers

As Rugged, Durable, Reliable & Long Lasting as the MCG tilt mixer the WCG “LOWBOY” mixer offers some added benefits. This unit will not require as much floor space or head room for installation.

There is less need for structure platforms to load your product and the unit will tilt at drum height to unload. The compact unitized design allows installation of the Lowboy in areas that will not accommodate the standard height mixers.

Ample room is provided through the gland area to facilitate the maintenance of all packing glands. The standard gear case assures smooth quiet operation and is furnished with a belt drive (up to 250 hp).

LNG Models

Laboratory Mixers

Aaron Process LNG Laboratory Mixers are available in working capacities from 1/4 gallon to 5 gallon.

¼ gallon and 1 gallon models are available from stock and furnished with variable speed drives, stainless steel construction and jackets as standard.

These units are ideal for research and development, testing new raw materials or scaling up production size batches.

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