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Used- Carbon Steel AMK Double Arm Mixer, Type VII.

Stock# 40664001

Used- AMK Double Arm Mixer, Type VII, Carbon Steel. Approximate working capacity 15 gallon, (29 gallon/112 liter total). Jacketed bowl 20" left to right x 18-3/4" front to back x 15" deep, internal rated -1 bar at 120 degree C, jacket rated 3 bar (43 psi) at 120 degree C. Tangential sigma blades, geared one end, top safety grate more info...

Used- Hough Forberg Twin Shaft Fluidizer, Model FB500002

Stock# 43199001

Used- Hough Forberg Twin Shaft Fluidizer, Model FB500002. 176.6 Cubic Feet Working Capacity, Carbon Steel. Non-jacketed trough approximate 98" wide x 118" long x approximately 60" deep. Top pin mill bar, driven by a 10 hp, 3/60/460 volt, 1750 rpm motor. (2) Shafts with paddles welded to posts. Mixer driven by a 100 hp, 3/60/230/ more info...

Used- Gemco Twin Shell Blender

Stock# 44188004

Used- Gemco Twin Shell Blender, 1.05 Cubic Feet Working Capacity, 316 Stainless Steel. Maximum material density 270 pounds a cubic foot. Working Capacity minimum 0.95 to 1.05 maximum cubic feet. (2) 11-1/2" Diameter top charge ports with covers. Shell driven by a 1 hp, 3/60/208-230/460 volt, 1750 rpm motor thru a reducer, ratio more info...

Werner & Pfleiderer 80 Liter Mixer Extruder

Stock# 45977001

Used- Werner & Pfleiderer Mixer Extruder, Type UK80-AES, 316 Stainless Steel on product contact parts. Working capacity 21.2 gallon (80 liter), total capacity 31.7 gallon (120 liter). Double jacketed bowl 20-3/4" front to back x 20-1/4" left to right, approximate 27" deep. Domed top cover with (2) 4" sight glasses, (2) 2", (2) 3 more info...

Lodige FKM600D Plow Mixer

Stock# 47890001

Used- Lodige Batch Type Plow Mixer, Model FKM600D. 6 Cubic Feet Working Capacity (10 Total), 304 Stainless Steel. Non-jacketed mixing chamber approximate 32" diameter x 50" long. 4" Diameter shaft with (3) bolt on plows and (2) bolt on end scrappers. (2) Approximate 18" x 15-1/2" side access doors. Top openings (2) 12". 9" x 7" more info...

Used- Patterson-Kelley Blend Master Lab Blender, 16/8 Quart

Stock# 47916002

Used- Patterson-Kelley Blend Master Lab Blender. 16/8 Quart Maximum material density rating 200 pounds a cubic foot. Unit consists of (1) 16 quart plexiglass body with approximate 9" diameter charget port and (1) 8 quart plexiglass body with 7" diameter charge ports. Driven by a 1/3 hp, 1/60/115/230 volt, 1725 rpm motor. Has ple more info...

Used- American Process Systems (Forberg type mixer) Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

Stock# 48091001

Used- American Process Twin Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer, Model FZM-4S. 4.2 Cubic feet, 120 liters, Carbon Steel. Non-jacketed trough approximate 33" long x 29" wide x 24" deep. (2) 2" diameter shafts each with (14) 5-3/4" wide x 1/8" thick paddles welded to 1" posts. Driven by a 5 hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1680 rpm motor. (2) Breake more info...

Used- Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Blender, 16 Quart Capacity (.52 cubic feet)

Stock# 48417005

Used- Patterson-Kelley Twin Shell Blender, 16 Quart Capacity (0.52 cubic feet), 304 Stainless Steel. Maximum material density 200 pounds per cubic foot. (2) 9-1/2" Diameter charge ports with covers. Provision for intensifier bar, with 3/4hp, 1/60/155/230 volt, 3450 rpm motor, missing bar and belts. Shell driven by a 1/4hp, 1/60/ more info...

Used- Paul O. Abbe Twin Shaft Fluidizer, Model AF350

Stock# 48832001

Used- Paul O. Abbe Cross Flow Mixer / Twin Shaft Fluidizer, Model AF350, 304 Stainless Steel. 12.4 Cubic feet working capacity, maximum 17 cubic feet. Non-jacketed trough approximately 39-3/8" wide x 49-1/2" long x 35" deep. (2) Approximate 3" diameter shafts with (28) 8" wide x 7" long x 3/16" thick paddles welded with 1-1/4" d more info...

American Process Systems Forberg Paddle / Ribbon Mixer

Stock# 49143001

Used- American Process Systems Forberg Fluidized Zone Mixer, Model FZM-35, 35 Cubic Feet Working Capacity, 304 Stainless Steel. Non-jacketed chamber approximate 58" long x 67" wide. (2) 4" Diameter shafts with (16) paddles per shaft, paddles 11-9/16" wide x 3/8" thick welded to 1-1/2" diameter posts. Driven by 30 hp, 3/60/208-23 more info...

Used- Werner & Pfleiderer Double Arm Mixer, Type UK1500 X 55

Stock# 63523

Used- Werner & Pfleiderer Double Arm Mixer, Type UK1500 X 55. 316 Stainless Steel construction. Total capacity is 595 gallons (2250 liters). Working capacity is 400 gallons (1500 liters). 5'6" long x 4'9" wide x 4'2" deep (1690 mm long x 1450 mm wide x 1280 mm deep) mixing bowl. Geared one end, cored masticator blades. 7-3/4" sh more info...

USED- (Reconditioned) Baker Perkins Model #15 Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixer

Stock# 88232

Used- (Reconditioned) Baker Perkins Model #15 Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixer, 100 gallon capacity. Steel jacketed bowl 33" left to right x 38" front to back x 30" deep, geared on one end. New 30 hp drive consisting of a torque arm reducer and TEFC motor. Tilt discharge with new hydraulic power pack. All unitized on a common base.

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