Back-Up Generator Keeps The Power On

by AaronEquipmentCo 1. July 2009 13:45
On June 19th we lost power for 15hrs.  This was after work hours but still necessary.  The generator did it’s job and kept our computer system, phones and all electrical devices running.  A power outage can occur at any time for a number of reasons.  Click on link to see our current used generator inventory.

Sizing a back-up / standby / emergency diesel or natural gas generator set

by AaronEquipmentCo 3. June 2009 13:52
The first step would be to find out your required load. Contact your electricity supplier and ask them for a copy of your average load and peak load over the last 12 months. You should also know the Amps of your incoming service. Once you have the load information size the generator so the peak load is about 75% of your generator rated output. [More]

Generator Set Enclosures

by AaronEquipmentCo 3. June 2009 13:40
If you are going to install a generator set outside your building you will need at least a weather protective or weather proof enclosure. The weather enclosure is designed to do exactly that keep the rain and snow out. Weather enclosures are typically used in industrial settings where there are no residential areas close by. [More]

New Diesel Generator Sets

by AaronEquipmentCo 1. June 2009 13:54
Until recently larger diesel generator sets delivery time was as long as 12 months due to delivery of the engines. Engine availability is the key component in generator set lead time. Once the engine is on hand the entire generator set can be packaged / assembled typically in 1-2 weeks. For these reasons we decided to inventory a New 300kW diesel generator set New Cummins 300kW and a New Cummins 500kW diesel generator set New Cummins 500kW we also have a variety of engines 200kW and under in order to provide a quick turn around. [More]

Well Known Generator Manufacturers

by AaronEquipmentCo 21. April 2009 14:08
CAT, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, GM, Jenbacher, John Deere, Katolight, Kohler, Generac, Mitsubishi, Onan, & Wartsila New and Used Generator Set Inventory

Automatic Transfer Switches Are Required For Standby, Back-up & Emergency Power Installations.

by AaronEquipmentCo 14. April 2009 14:17
A Transfer switch is installed between a backup generator, incoming power and your business. A transfer switch continuously monitors utility power and when it senses an interruption it sends a signal to start the generator, when the generator is up to the proper speed, Hz and voltage the transfer switch transfers the load to the generator to provide emergency power. When utility power is restored and no interruptions have occurred for a set time, the transfer switch will then transfer back to utility power and send a si... [More]

Buying a Used Generator Set

by AaronEquipmentCo 10. April 2009 14:22
Generators have a useful life of 20,000 to 30,000 hours before a major overhaul is required.  Most used generators come from back-up / standby / emergency applications and typically have very low hours. When new is not an option due to lead time or cost a used generator can be a great alternative.  Used generator sets can be test run and / or load bank tested to insure they are operating properly.  This is a small added cost when buying a used generator and will insure you are receiving a good operating s... [More]

Aaron Equipment Installs Back-up Generator Set at Bensenville HQ

by AaronEquipmentCo 10. April 2009 14:10
  Just completed earlier this year, we installed a used Cummins 200kW backup generator set.  Last summer we had a power outage over a 3 day period.  With over 50 employees and no power we were basically out of business for those 3 days.  No computers, no phone system, no air-conditioning, no lights etc.  Imagine that happening to your business?  Within about 3 hours after the outage we were able to get the office up and running by temporarily hooking up a generator set that we had on hand.... [More]


Aaron Equipment Helps Customer Recover a Seven Figure Investment

Aaron Equipment Helps Customer Recover a Seven Figure Investment

by AaronEquipmentCo2. September 2021 15:45

New process equipment can have long lead times. When companies have large capital projects it is not unusual to purchase new equipment to meet construction and production deadlines.

If the project is cancelled or if the process significantly changes, stopping the equipment purchase may not make economic sense. If this happens the company now has an expensive and unproductive asset.

This scenario recently occurred with one of Aaron Equipment Company’s clients. After a project was cancelled, the company was left with a multi-million dollar spray dryer stored in a warehouse. After several years, the company realized the asset could not be repurposed in any of their other facilities. They also recognized the large storage and opportunity costs associated with the status quo.

Our customer engaged us to find a customer for the dryer.

Aaron Equipment marketed the spray dryer worldwide and was able to close a sale for a high six figure price within 10 months. This is a very short time given the engineering and commercial issues.

This success demonstrates Aaron Equipment’s ability to understand the customer’s goals and produce results.

Aaron Equipment typically purchases equipment for its own account but also provides the following services:

  • Equipment appraisals
  • Auction services
  • Consignment services
  • Equipment financing
  • Asset management

Learn more about Aaron Equipment Company at


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