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Surplus to the Ongoing Operations of Padagis
Belvidere, IL

Surplus Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Packaging Equipment Including Microfluidizer, Fillers, Unscramblers, Pellitzer, Capper, Tablet Press, Tablet Counter & Inspection Table, Solids Processor, Tanks & Reactors, Case Sealers, Labelers, Checkweighers, Pumps, Dust Collectors, Coders, Bins, and More!


Microfluidics Microfluidizer, Model M700

Qualicaps Model Liqfil Super 40 capsule filler. Tated up to 40000 capsules/hour, with on board feed pump, agitated and jacketed liquid product hopper
Tonazzi Colibri Model 1001 Automatic Single Head Plastic and Metal Tube Filler. Capable of speeds from 20 to 100 tubes per minute (depending on application). Tube size range: 10mm - 50mm or 3/8" - 2" (Diameter) x 50mm - 250 mm or 2" - 9-3/4" (height). Has a fill range:3ml - 390ml or (0.1 oz to 13 oz) with changeparts. Equipped with automatic tube feeder, with low tube sensor, 12 position carousel, registration eye, diving nozzles with positive shut-off, no tube / no fill, hot air seal station and trim station. A/B SLC 5/04 PLC and interlocked Lexan guarding. Complete with chiller. CE Certified. Elec: 3/60/460V.

The Bohanan Versifil, a hard gelatin encapsulation machine designed to fill capsules at a rate of 160 to 700 capsules per minute (fill rate depends on tooling used.)
REB, Inc Automatic Inline Piston Filler, Model IVS. Current set up has 6 pistons with 6-diving fill nozzles. Is rated for speeds from 10 to 120 containers per minute (depending on container size and fill volume). Has a fill range from fractional ounces up to 5 liters (with proper change parts). Has integrated touch screen operator HMI. Is of stainless steel construction. 3/60/220V.

MGS Model PHS Sideserter Inserter. Capable of speeds up to 250 outserts per minute. Has Nordson Problue hot melt glue system.

Pace Omni-Line Bulk Bottle Unscrambler and 20 Cu Ft Elevator, Model M350. Unscrambler is rated at speeds up to 250 bottles per minute. Can handle bottles from 0.33oz (10mL) to 0.26 gallons (1L) and materials ranging from PET, HDPE, PP, PS, PVC and Spiral wound fiber. Is rated for various shapes from rounds, rectangles, squares and ovals with and without handles. Is of stainless steel construction. Has Allen Bradley controls. 3/60/220V.

Fuji Paudal Marumerizer Spheronizer, Model QJ400TG, stainless steel construction, with 2.0 mm grooved spheronizing plate with plate lift mechanism, jacketed bowl, side discharge with pneumatically operated plug valve, on base, built 2010.

DT Kalish (IMA) Single Head Chuck Capper, Model Starcap 5123. Machine is capable of speeds up to 90 bottles per minute. Container size range: height) 1-1/2" - 11", diameter up to 4-1/8". Maximum cap size up to 4-1/2", currently set up on 43mm cr diameter cap. Has 12 pocket starwheel container indexing, integrated cap elevator and cap sorter. Handles screw caps, child resistant and plastic pilfer-proof caps. Small footprint machine; last used in pharmaceutical application. Spare parts available upon request. 10 Amp, 1/60/120V.

Tablet Press
Manesty Express Press with precompression. Keyed uppers, b tooling 25 station.

Tablet Counter & Inspection Table
Countec Model DMS-60S Electronic Channel Tablet Counter. Capable of speeds up to 6,000 tablets per minute. Tablet size range: 3mm - 20mm (diameter) x up to 1.7mm (thickness) capsule and sofgel sizes: #00 - #5

CapPlus Technologies (CPT) Roller Inspection Table, Model Pharmaspec. Features pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel construction and is rated for up to 200,000 pieces per hour (depending on product size). Has variable speed controls for operator and application. Small footprint design. 1/60/110V.

Solids Processor
Patterson-Kelley 1-Cubic Foot Solids Processor. Jacketed shell rated for 30 psi @ 250 degrees F. 3/60/460V.

Tanks & Reactors

Crepaco approximately 500 gallon stainless steel jacketed tank. Has counter rotating agitiaon. Jacket rated to 75 psi/ Seerial number B.1556. Mounted on Casters.

DCI Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactor, 200 Gallon. Has top-entering Pharmix agitator, model 4000K. Internal rated 15 PSI @ 280 deg f, jacket rated 40 psi @ 280 deg f. Built 2015.
Lee Stainless Steel Tank, Approximately 300 Gallons, Model 300DBT. 316 SS internal rated for 15PSI Internal at 250 Deg F. Vessel designed for vacuum service intenral. Mounted on casters. Built 2005. Seerial Number 0018-3-1. National Board number 10302

Case Sealers
Wexxar (Belcor) Model Bel 150 Top and Bottom Case Sealer.

Accraply Pressure Sensitive Wraparound Labeler, Model 35PW. Machine is rated for speeds up to 3000" per minute (depending on label and container size). Has a label size range of: .75" to 20" in length and .375" to 6" in height. Can handle containers ranging from .75" to 8" in diameter and 1.75" to 12.5" in height. Has touch screen operator panel, bump wheel container indexing, top hold down. 3/60/220V.

Thermo Ramsey Icore AC8000 Checkweigher capable of speeds from 20 to 200 feet per minute, depending on product and application. Weight range up to 7500 grams with accuracies of +/- 1%. Stainless steel construction, has a 9" long belt infeed, 20" long weigh cell with silent chain conveyor, air reject, with CPU controls.

Alpha (All-Fill) Model CW-10 Checkweigher. Capable of speeds up to 300 packages per minute. Can handle package weights up to 10 lbs with dimensions up to 15" (long) X 10" (wide). Is rated with a +/- 400mg accuracy. Suitable for smaller boxes, bottles, cans, cartons. Last running bundled packages. Uses precision strain gage loadcell technology. Has Alpha HMI control panel, used Allen Bradley 1606-XL power supply. Has (2) 1/4" chains and equipped with a reject arm for downstream mounting. CE Certified. 1/60/110V.

Waukesha Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Pump, Model 030. S/N 176922-96.

Dust Collectors
(2) Donaldson Torit Downflo Oval Dust Collector, Model DFO 3-3, Approximate 570 Square Feet Filtration Area. (3) Filter cartridges approximate 11" diameter x 26" long, (3) valves. Nominal airflow range 300 to 2,400 CFM.

Domino Model 320i Laser Coder
(3) Video Jet Model 1510 Ink Jet Coder

(8) Transtore Metalcraft 300 gallon 316L Stainless Steel Storage Bins (Mfg 2018)

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Location: Belvidere, IL
Start Date: June 08, 2022
End Date: June 15, 2022

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