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Used- Horix Model Hytamatic 363-21, 21 Head Rotary Level Sensing Pressure Filler

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Used- Horix Model Hytamatic 363-21, 21 Head Rotary Level Sensing Pressure Filler. Has 1/4" OD nozzles and was last running on cough syrup. Machine is of stainless steel construction. Has no container / no fill, has level sensing fill-to-level technology. Designed for timing screw to starwheel and guides container handling. Has neck guides for product centering. Requires controls
Manufacturer Horix
Model HBY24
Serial # 104
Category Packaging Equipment
Subcategory Fillers Liquid - Gravity - Pressure - Overflow
Currently, there are no specifications available on this item. Feel free to contact an Aaron Sales Professional at 630-350-2200 to discuss further details.
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