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Aaron Equipment has a large inventory of reconditioned, unused, and used evaporators. Aaron's inventory of evaporators include crystallizer, plate, tubular, wipe film, and thin film evaporators. Evaporator is used to turn the liquid form of a chemical into its gaseous form. The liquid is evaporated or vaporized into the gas.

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Used-Stainless Steel LCI Thin Film Evaporator. Polished 316 stainless steel with sanitary (...) Used- Triple Effect Falling Film Evaporator, 321 Stainless Steel. Approximately 2000 squa (...) Used- Votator Turba-Film Agitated Thin Film Evaporator, Model 30-144, 316 Stainless Steel (...) Used- Luwa Wipe Film Evaporator, 173 Square Feet, Model L850/6300/HT. All wetted parts T3 (...)
Stock #43564014Stock #10147055Stock #40037625Stock #62446
Used- Niro Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator, Rated 22,000 PPH input at 48% solids. O (...) Used- Buss-SMS Thin Film Evaporator, Model HS-1200, stainless steel 316L construction on (...) Used- Aqua-Chem Batch Type Forced Circulation Mechanical Vapor Compression Evaporator Sys (...) Used- Alfa Laval Contherm Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger, Model 6X2. 2 Square feet, vertic (...)