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Why List Your Equipment With Aaron Equipment

By “Listing Your Equipment” with Aaron Equipment Company, you take advantage of the many benefits that Aaron has to offer in order to sell your surplus equipment in the secondary marketplace. Our reputation, knowledge of the industry, sales and support team, and marketing efforts will all be utilized to get you to your goal of selling your surplus equipment without any of the hassle.

At Aaron Equipment Company, our aim is to simplify the listing process, so that you can focus your energy on managing your business. To that end, we make the process of listing equipment with us fast, easy, and best of all…free. To start the process, just fill out the form below and click the submit button. We take care of the rest!

Your listing submission will be sent to our review team for approval. Upon receipt of your submission, our listing agent will contact you to discuss your equipment in greater detail. Upon agreement, we will categorize the equipment, write a detailed description, add the photos you have supplied and post your equipment on our website as if it were our own inventory.

Our unparalleled detailed database of more than 400,000 industry connections helps us reach a global pool of interested buyers. As a result, you can rest assured that you will receive the fairest market value for your listed equipment.

Listing your equipment with Aaron Equipment Company is simply FAST, EASY and FREE! Give us the opportunity to show you how.

Pam Real

Your Listing Representative

Pam Real has been a member of the Aaron Equipment Company Sales/Buying Support Team since 2002. In addition to supporting the buying department with procurement resources, Pam also manages more than 600 listing clients and maintains more than 2,000 pieces of listed items within our inventory.

Pam has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Hotel/Restaurant Management. Prior to joining the Aaron team, she worked as an IT Recruiter.

Contact Pam at 630-350-2200 or by email at preal@aaronequipment.com

step 1

Submit Your Equipment

The first step to Listing your equipment with Aaron is to tell us what you are looking to sell. Just fill out our easy-to-use electronic form to describe the equipment with as much detail as you can. Be sure to include manufacturer’s name, make, model and year.

Tell us what is was last used for and if you know if it is in working condition. Provide as many pictures as you can including the nameplate if possible. Then simply submit your Listing!

Step 2

Approval Process

Our listing agent will contact you to discuss your equipment in greater detail. The team will then determine if the equipment fits into our core categories and they will research the existing market to determine a fair asking price.

Once an agreement has been made to List your equipment on our website, our inventory team will take over. Your equipment will receive a scrutinized “write up” to make sure that it meets Aaron’s standards of excellence for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes and it will be posted on our website with the provided pictures.

This approval process is normally done in less than 24 hours upon submission. Once the equipment is posted on our website, our listing agent will create your own personal online portal where you can manage your own equipment. Online access will allow you to do the following: add additional inventory; edit existing descriptions; update and add images; remove sold inventory; and keep in contact with your account representative.

Step 3


Posting your equipment on Aaron’s website is the first piece of the puzzle. From there our marketing efforts will take effect. Aaron has a proven track record for ranking highly on all the major search engines results. Our marketing professionals know what it takes to get these successful results for our own equipment and will do the same for your equipment as well.

Not only will you take advantage of this organic traffic, but Aaron also utilizes pay per click campaigns to offer additional attraction.

Aaron is also pro-active in our marketing efforts and has a database of more than 400,000 contacts that can be divided by our equipment categories and sub-categories as well as by industry, keywords and sources. This capability allows us to do email fulfillments to very targeted audiences without the worry of creating “spam” messaging.

Step 4


After our marketing efforts have kicked in, we will start to see quote requests and questions regarding your equipment. Our sales staff will handle all these details with the utmost attention. While your equipment is listed with Aaron, we do all the work.

Our sales team will provide emailed quotations to customers using state of the art technology that is proprietary to Aaron Equipment Company. Most quotations are delivered the same day they are received. The sales team also follows-up on every quote to assure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Each of our sales team is well versed and knows the nuances of the different types of equipment available. Most of them have spent years inspecting equipment and know the answers to even the most difficult of questions. They also work in a co-operative environment that assures that our customers get the best professional treatment available.

Aaron also has support staff that helps the sales staff gather information and enter details into our database. They also handle the logistics of the sale including customer inspections, power bumps, and shipping details.

step 5


From beginning to end, Aaron’s sales staff will negotiate every aspect of the sale. Our goal is to have our salesmen work on closing deals.

They are provided all the proper tools needed to answer questions and work for the benefit of our listing clients. Aaron buys and sells equipment on a daily basis…and we are good at it.

Step 6


Last but not least, once Aaron receives payment when they sell a Listing item, we pay our Listing clients fast. Aaron will send you a check without delay.

Listing your equipment with Aaron is that easy! Simple, Fast and Free!

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