Spray Drying Equipment Buyers’ Guide

by AaronEquipmentCo24. June 2015 07:28

Spray Drying EquipmentYou are thinking about buying some new or used spray dryers, but the spray drying industry is so vast that it’s got you confused. All the many types of spray drying equipment available are enough to fill a book. Who has the time to wade through all that information? Are there really any advantages to spray dryers from one manufacturer versus another? Let’s try to set the record straight on some of these issues to help make your spray drying buying experience one that leaves you a satisfied purchaser.

Advantages of Spray Dryers from Specific Manufacturers in the Spray Drying Industry

There are five major spray drying manufacturers that you should take a closer look at, depending on your spray drying industry application, when considering the purchase of a spray dryer.

  1. Niro – GEA Process Engineering, more familiarly known in the spray drying industry as Niro, has been a game player for more than three-quarters of a century. The company prides itself on designing its spray dryers for the specific product to be dried. To that end, Niro manufactures spray dryers specifically for the dairy, food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Compliance with product property requirements and plant performance is also a cornerstone of GEA Niro.

  2. Mason – A leader in laboratory and industrial equipment manufacturing, Mason’s line of spray dryers encompasses encapsulations systems, inert loops, and dehumidifiers as well as mini and nano spray dryers. One of the hallmarks that sets Mason apart in the spray drying industry is that it custom builds spray dryers to its customers’ exact specifications. Premium materials like stainless steel also go into Mason’s spray drying equipment.

  3. Rogers – C.E. Rogers manufactures both multi-stage vertical spray dryers and horizontal spray dryers. As a result, Rogers spray drying equipment can handle everything from the most basic to more complicated applications. The field of spray drying truly non-hygroscopic powder (multi-stage spray drying) has recently come to the forefront of Rogers’ business operations.

  4. Anhydro – Anhydro spray dryers are among the industry’s most versatile. They can be used for a wide range of applications. The company’s spray drying process features a continuous operation that allows almost any pumpable liquid to be converted into a free flowing powder. The special design features that Anhydro builds into its spray dryers also sets them apart. These include atomizers and controlled flow nozzles. The dairy, food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental sectors all benefit from Anhydro’s spray drying technology.

  5. Yamato – When it comes to differentiating itself in the spray drying industry, Yamato incorporates three functionalities into its spray dryers. An easy-to-use control panel, temperature accuracy, and drying effectiveness have all led to Yamato spray dryers being one of the most popular spray drying brands on the market. Organic solvent, solvent recovery unit, and granulation type spray dryers are some of the spray drying offerings Yamato manufactures.

Aaron Equipment carries a used selection of all of these spray drying brand options in our spray dryer inventory. If you are looking to sell your used spray dryer submit your equipment to our buying department through the online form.


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