Five Reasons to Buy Used Equipment and Machinery

by AaronEquipmentCo17. April 2015 08:50

The gut reaction when your old machinery dies or your business operations require the addition of another piece of equipment to the mix is to go out and purchase brand new. But there are many reasons to buy used equipment rather than new machinery. Let’s take a closer look at some of these reasons.

  1. Let’s start with the obvious (and often the most compelling) reason for buying used machinery: It’s more cost-effective. Everyone wants to save money, but they don’t want to do it at the expense of sacrificing quality. A thoroughly inspected piece of used equipment or one that has been reconditioned to new status by an expert in the field provides the reliability you’re seeking at a much more affordable price point.

  2. It’s environmentally friendly. You probably don’t think about it all that much, but where does machinery go when it dies? Sure, some of its parts can be recycled, but those that can’t frequently end up sitting in landfills. If that’s not an eco-eye-opening enough incentive to consider buying used equipment, consider this fact: The production of new machinery involves all kinds of processes that can have potentially detrimental effects on the environment. 

  3. It puts the buying burden in someone else’s hands. Experts in buying used machinery make it their sole priority to ensure that their customers are getting top-tier equipment at the best possible prices. They will go to great lengths to guarantee that your used machinery delivers exactly to your specifications. What this means for you is that you don’t have to deal with potentially shady salespeople. It also means that you don’t have to spend time that could be put to better business use researching equipment to ensure you’re not being swindled. Find a used equipment partner you can trust and leave the buying process in very capable hands.

  4. It’s a package deal. Unlike most new equipment purchases, the buying of used machinery doesn’t end once you lay down the cash. Many sellers of used equipment offer a full range of services. They carry the parts you need and employ the expert service technicians necessary to keep your used machinery running smoothly for a lifetime. 

  5. It’s faster. Because used equipment is usually already in stock, getting it to your site and up and running is much quicker than it would be if you purchased a new piece of machinery. From order to delivery to installation, the typical total turnaround on used machinery is two or three weeks versus as much as six months or more with some new equipment. Think of the money you could be saving—and making—by having your much needed equipment in operation that much sooner.

Whether you are in the chemical, contract packaging, contract pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, packaging, paint and coatings, pharmaceutical, plastics or waste water industry, buying used equipment could very well be the right decision for your business operations.


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