Top 10 Most Popular Pieces of Equipment for Manufacturing Companies

by AaronEquipmentCo26. February 2015 08:03

cosmetics-equipmentIn 2011 (the most recent year for which statistics are available), machinery manufacturing represented one of the largest and most competitive sectors of the American manufacturing economy, according to the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. The Bureau of the Census estimates that manufacturers’ sales of machinery amounted to $360.9 billion in 2010.

The major supply chains for this equipment are the following sectors:

Manufacturing machinery and equipment represents an important subsector of such sales and encompasses many of the aforementioned supply chains. Used to manufacture a wide range of goods, manufacturing equipment’s applications extend across all of the industries mentioned.

So which pieces of manufacturing equipment make up the biggest percentage of the popularity pie? The following is a Top 10 list of the machinery and equipment that manufacturing companies most often use in their operations.

  1. mixer-materialsTanks – Many manufacturers find themselves needing to store bulk quantities of product. The right storage tanks ensure that their contents maintain their integrity. From alloy, aluminum, and carbon steel to cryogenic, gas, glass-lined, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and stainless steel—the tank options are diverse and many. 

  2. Mixers – Manufacturing operations often depend on mixing materials properly. Having the right mixer at one’s disposal ensures such operations go off without a hitch. Ribbon mixers, batch compounders, continuous mixers, disperser mixers, double arm mixers, double arm extruders, double cone V mixers, drum tumbles, homogenizer mixers, planetary mixers, paddle mixers, ribbon blenders, and single arm mixers are just some of the options to choose from. 

  3. Centrifuges – When it comes to separating liquids from other liquids or from solids, a centrifuge is a vital piece of manufacturing support equipment. Basket bottom dump centrifuges, disc automatic centrifuges, disc nozzle centrifuges, and disc batch centrifuges are just a few of the varieties available.

  4. diesel-generatorGenerators – The loss of electrical power during a super storm, hurricane or blizzard could prove disastrous for a manufacturer, especially if electricity is not restored in a timely manner. Without the ability to continue to use their heavy equipment and machinery and their assembly lines, manufacturing companies’ operations halt to a standstill, resulting in more and more lost revenue as the powerless time ticks by. And that’s not to mention the bigger loss of customer respect and loyalty when products are not delivered when they are anticipated. Because they allow business to be conducted as usual, even in the face of natural disasters, industrial generators are often the number one piece of equipment that manufacturing companies avail themselves of.

  5. Compressors / Pumps – Lying at the heart of many manufacturing processes, compressors and pumps are vital to a large swath of manufacturing operations, including natural gas production in the energy sector. They help to maintain the required level of pressure and/or transport material to its intended destination to get the job done right.

  6. Lifts – Getting at the various components of large-scale products often requires the use of lifts. The aerospace, automotive, construction and mining sectors all make use of lifts during their manufacturing processes. 

  7. Chillers / Refrigeration Equipment – The nation’s agricultural, food and beverage manufacturers would quickly watch their products spoil and become useless without the proper refrigeration equipment to keep them chilled to the right temperature. 

  8. Shredders – Industrial shredders help break down large materials into more manageable sizes. They are indispensable pieces of equipment in every manufacturing facility, but particularly in the plastics, rubber and computer industries.

  9. taping-packaging-machineBins – Stainless steel tote bins are used for liquid handling and are an efficient and sensible alternative to using 55-gallon drums. One tote bin could replace five to ten drums minimizing the amount of handling required, which in turn, lowers the risk of liquid handling accidents. Tone bins are refillable and durable. Most bins are manufactured with sloped bottoms and ball valve discharge and safety caps.

  10. Packaging Machinery / Materials Handling Equipment – Most manufactured products must be packaged before they can be delivered to the end user and almost all require some sort of handling during the manufacturing process. That makes packaging machinery and materials handling equipment among the most necessary equipment pieces for manufacturing companies.

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