Aaron Equipment Installs Back-up Generator Set at Bensenville HQ

by AaronEquipmentCo10. April 2009 14:10

back up generator set


Just completed earlier this year, we installed a used Cummins 200kW backup generator set.  Last summer we had a power outage over a 3 day period.  With over 50 employees and no power we were basically out of business for those 3 days.  No computers, no phone system, no air-conditioning, no lights etc.  Imagine that happening to your business?  Within about 3 hours after the outage we were able to get the office up and running by temporarily hooking up a generator set that we had on hand.  After the outage we realized that even those 3 hours lost were critical and we began planning on installing a permanent back-up.  Now if there is a brown out or power outage we are back up in 10 seconds or less.  It has certainly given us peace of mind. Take a look at our generators we have in stock to see how we can help you set up a similar emergency generator plan.

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