Aaron Equipment Company Helping Organic Manufacturers Stay Green from Start to Finish

by AaronEquipmentCo14. January 2012 11:22
New and Used Process and Packaging Machinery Friendly for Organic Manufacturing Chicago, IL – January 14, 2012 – When most consumers purchase an item marketed as organic, they do so under the assumption that it is manufactured, from start to finish, in a way that is not only chemical free but also kind to the environment. And while the product may be grown on a small farm without use of pesticides, there are many other steps in the production process that can interfere with the organic movement’s overall aims. One of those steps is packaging and processing. Fortunately, machinery like that which Aaron Equipment Company sells and reconditions ensures green manufacturers maintain their organic ideals, even when they package and process their products. Last week, the “New York Times” ran a blog post begging the question “It’s Organic, but Is It Natural?” Therein, the article pointed out, “Today, a global food supply chain can increasingly provide every type of produce every day of the year, organic or conventional, in many places in the United States.” In the process of that transport, however, carbon dioxide is being emitted into the atmosphere, a tendency that doesn’t exactly align with the overall green movement. The aforementioned report was a follow-up to another “New York Times” article titled “Organic Agriculture May Be Outgrowing Its Ideals.” Published in the Environment section, this piece called attention to an often overlooked consideration: “But even as more Americans buy foods with the organic label, the products are increasingly removed from the traditional organic ideal: produce that is not only free of chemicals and pesticides but also grown locally on small farms in a way that protects the environment.” While Aaron Equipment Company can’t control the size or local commitment of organic manufacturers or even the manner in which they get their products into consumers’ hands, it can ensure those consumers that one vital aspect of the manufacturing process is in complete alignment with the traditional organic ideal, as put forth in the aforementioned newspaper report. More specifically, it helps organic manufacturers stay true to the ideal throughout all stages of packaging / processing their products. “Every product that end consumers taste, touch or use comes in contact with packaging and processing equipment before it reaches them,” explains Aaron Equipment spokesperson, Steven Cohen. “Therefore, to remain 100% true to its organic mission, an organic manufacturer has to pay strict attention to how its products are packaged and processed.” He adds, “Because every piece of processing and packaging machinery we sell – be it new, used or reconditioned – is in complete alignment with the green movement, our clientele reads like a who’s who of the organic industry’s membership.” To learn more about Aaron Equipment Company and its organic-friendly lineup of packaging, material handling, mixing, drying, construction, screening and agricultural equipment, visit http://www.aaronequipment.com/. For more information on how the company’s machinery helps green manufacturers keep their commitment to the organic ideal, contact Steven Cohen at (630) 350-2200.


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