This Week’s Featured Used Equipment from Aaron Equipment

by AaronEquipmentCo10. June 2021 11:00
Aaron Equipment Company has one of the largest inventories of used process equipment and packaging machinery in the industry. This week we are featuring several pieces including Disc Automatic Centrifuges, Double Cone Mixers, Pellet Mills and much more.[More]

This Week’s Featured Used Equipment From Aaron Equipment

by AaronEquipmentCo8. April 2021 09:56
Aaron Equipment Company has one of the largest inventories of used process equipment and packaging machinery in the industry. This week we are featuring several pieces including Plastic & Fiberglass Tanks, Chillers, Disc Automatic Centrifuges and much more.[More]

Use of Centrifuges for Rendering

by Whitney Craig18. August 2015 11:49
If your business operations entail conversion of animal waste into more useful, value-added materials like lard or tallow, then you know how essential a centrifuge is to accomplishing that aim. Maybe you are on the hunt for a new, reconditioned or used centrifuge to replace your current one, or perhaps you are entirely new to the world of rendering. Either way, shopping for a centrifuge can be confusing. We hope this primer will help make the purchasing process less baffling for you. [More]

Top 10 Most Popular Pieces of Equipment for Manufacturing Companies

by AaronEquipmentCo26. February 2015 08:03
In 2011 (the most recent year for which statistics are available), machinery manufacturing represented one of the largest and most competitive sectors of the American manufacturing economy, according to the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. The Bureau of the Census estimates that manufacturers’ sales of machinery amounted to $360.9 billion in 2010.[More]

Centrifuges for Wastewater Treatment

by AaronEquipmentCo8. January 2015 08:10
Centrifuges’ use in the treatment of wastewater enjoys a longstanding history. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Office of Water, “Centrifuges have been used in wastewater treatment since the 1930s.1” During that 80+ years of usage, centrifuges have helped separate wastewater solids from liquid, thereby ridding it of contaminants.[More]

Westfalia CA-505 Decanter Centrifuge

by Whitney Craig18. March 2010 16:39
Westfalia manufactured CA-505 solid bowl decanter centrifuges. They have been put to use in the wastewater, chemical, starch and ethanol industries. The rotating assemblys measure 20.1" diameter by 80.4" long. They are offered in a standard cyclo design and a two-gear design. The two-gear design permits automatic torque measurement and differential speed control. This differs from the usual cyclo gear drive by an additional seconary cyclo gear and secondary motor. This high control accuracy of the two-gear permits the smallest differential speed with the best possible drying of the solids. Presently there a few used Westfalia CA-505 decanter centrifuges on the marketplace along with one unused Westfalia CA-505 decanter centrifuge that is a two-gear design unit.



Alfa Laval NX-706 Decanter Centrifuge designations.

by Whitney Craig29. July 2009 13:42
Alfa Laval has changed designation for a NX-706 decanter numerous times over the years. Of course in the progressing designation changes they have made design changes, but the centrifuge rotating assembly dimensions have remained the same at 740mm (29”) diameter by 3019mm (118”). These units were and are referenced under the names: NX-706, ALDEC 706, ALDEC G2-120.  These units were previously known under the Sharples Super-D-Canter name as PM-76000, DS-706, DSX-706 and  a XM-706. These units were originally designed and manufactured by Sharples until Alfa Laval bought the Sharples division of Pennwalt.  These is one of the models Alfa Laval continues to manufacturer after the integration of the two company under their nameplate Alfa Laval also had some additional units that have the same rotating assembly dimensions with different beach angles. They are referenced under NX-707, FOODEC 800, FOODEC 810, SG2-800, SG2-820.

The Proliferation Of Centrifuges Into The Waste, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries.

by Whitney Craig1. May 2009 14:00
The proliferation of centrifuges into the waste, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and metal working industry has created a demand for high quality equipment to meet current process needs and requirements. Today, there are two basic ways of achieving your equipment needs and goals. The first and most traditional method is buying directly from the new equipment manufacturer. They provide full service including process assistance and mechanical warranties. However the customer is not getting these services free of charge. They are paying a premium for these features, which appear in high costs. There are other compromises such as: * Long delivery- Most manufactures do not inventory machines for stock. It is common to delivery times up to one year from date of the order. * Limited product lines: Manufacturers generally want to make and sell only standard models. With only a few models to choose from, customers with     special requirements often pay huge premiums for these modifications. The other method of meeting process equipment needs is through large used equipment dealers. The benefit of this method is that used equipment dealers are not tied down to one specific manufacturer. Their concern generally is to provide equipment that will help you meet your requirements. Generally, equipment acquired this way provides you with a substantial savings over new equipment manufacturers. These dealers also can provide centrifuges “as is’ or fully reconditioned with mechanical warranties comparable to the original manufacturer. They tend to be more flexible in modifying equipment for your specific needs. Also, a few of them provide comprehensive services such as in-stock parts, start-up, field service, updating controls and drives of your existing equipment and special corrosion resistant coatings.. * Advantages of buying a used centrifuge: * Cost savings of over 50% of the new price. * Immediate delivery * Trade-in allowances for your surplus equipment. One of these companies is Aaron Equipment Company. They have been providing centrifuges for over twenty years. Aaron is a large used equipment dealer that caters to the demands of cost conscious customers. They have over 30,000 items of equipment for sale. They have a vast selection models from the premier manufacturers such as Alfa Laval/Sharples, Westfalia, Bird, KHD Humboldt, Dorr Oliver, Heinkel, Tolhurst, Western States, Broadbent and Kraus Maffei, Katema... Aaron uses only the highest quality reconditioning shops including the manufactures. There are many used equipment dealers in the market place. The problem with a lot of them is what they call reconditioning. To some reconditioning is a clean and paint job. Only a few large dealers recondition centrifuges correctly. This rendition includes completely dissembling and cleaning all of the centrifuge parts and pieces. Then checking and repairing all sub-standard mechanical tolerances and fits, installation of new bearings, seals, gaskets, dynamically balancing of all rotating assemblies, and finally test running all components including drives and controls. In closing I would like to mention that there is a additional advantages of using large used equipment dealers. These advantages are if you are looking at the wrong type of device they can assist you in the other type of devices such as dryers, extractor, filters, reactors, evaporators, mixers, pulverizes, sifter, extruders...



Alfa Laval NX-944 Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for Ethanol

by AaronEquipmentCo27. April 2009 14:07
In recent years a good percentage of the new ethanol plants that were commissioned to use Alfa Laval NX-944HSsolid bowl decanter centrifuges. I have an special opportunity for all the ethanol facilities that use or want to use these centrifuges. Contact me and I can give you the details or  view these Centrifuges on our web site.



Centrifuge Reconditioning

by Whitney Craig10. April 2009 14:00
If you have a centrifuge or are going to buy a used centrifuge, which you intend to have reconditioned here are a couple of thoughts to consider.   Your first choice is to use the centrifuge manufacturer or a independent centrifuge reconditioning facility.  The manufacturers all perform the proper reconditioning but at a very costly price.  In recent years some of the manufacturers have branched out to other brand centrifuges to keep their facilities busy, but price still be a factor in this scenario . Concerning independent facilities they generally specialize in certain design centrifuges such as being a decanter centrifuge facility, disc centrifuge facility or a centrifuge basket facility.  Some do work on multiple design centrifuges.  Additionally some facilities specialize in a specific design centrifuges along with a specific manufacturers.  It is always best to discuss with that independent facility what centrifuges are it's main part of their business.  If you would like some insight on which facility works on what centrifuges send me a note and I will be glad to assist you.


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