Wanted Sharples P-3400 Super-D-Canter Centrifuges

by Whitney Craig14. April 2009 14:18
Wanted Sharples P-3400 Super-D-Canter Centrifuges. Aaron is looking to purchase two centrifuges immediately

Centrifuge Reconditioning

by Whitney Craig10. April 2009 14:00
If you have a centrifuge or are going to buy a used centrifuge, which you intend to have reconditioned here are a couple of thoughts to consider.   Your first choice is to use the centrifuge manufacturer or a independent centrifuge reconditioning facility.  The manufacturers all perform the proper reconditioning but at a very costly price.  In recent years some of the manufacturers have branched out to other brand centrifuges to keep their facilities busy, but price still be a factor in this scenario . Concerning independent facilities they generally specialize in certain design centrifuges such as being a decanter centrifuge facility, disc centrifuge facility or a centrifuge basket facility.  Some do work on multiple design centrifuges.  Additionally some facilities specialize in a specific design centrifuges along with a specific manufacturers.  It is always best to discuss with that independent facility what centrifuges are it's main part of their business.  If you would like some insight on which facility works on what centrifuges send me a note and I will be glad to assist you.

Well Known Centrifuge Manufacturers

by Whitney Craig8. April 2009 14:24
I have listed below a selection of the more know centrifuge manufacturers pertaining to industrial centrifuges:  Alfa Laval, Andritz, Bird, Carr, Centrisys, Cinc, Delaval, Derrick, Dorr Oliver, Escher Wyss, Flottweg, Guinard, Hutchinson Hayes, Hysep, IHI, Kokusan, Krauss Maffei, Pieralisis, Podbielniak, Rouselett, Sharples, Swaco, Tema, Tomoe, US Centrifuge, Westerns States, Westfalia.

Disc Centrifuge Designs

by Whitney Craig8. April 2009 13:15
Disc Centrifuges come in three basic designs.  One is a Solid Bowl, which retains the solids on the inside diameter of the centrifuge bowl assembly.  The solids are removed manually by hand.  Generally they are used in applications with extremely low solids volumes in the feed stream since it is time consuming to remove the solids.  Another design is a Desludger disc centrifuge.  These design disc centrifuges will discharge the solids while operating either by a timing control or a self-thinking control. The last basic design is a Nozzle disc centrifuge.  These generally have discharge nozzles on the side of the bowl assembly that continuously discharge the separated solids. These Nozzle disc centrifuges generally can handle greater feed rates compared to the two other types of disc centrifuges.

Solid Bowl & Screen Bowl Decanter Drawings

by AaronEquipmentCo7. April 2009 16:45
   Solid Bowl Decanter          Screen Bowl Decanter     If you would like to know more about these two designs of Decanter Centrifuges send me a reply.

Basic Centrifuge Designs

by Whitney Craig7. April 2009 16:29
Centrifuges are basically categorized into six types (Decanter, Disc, Basket, Pusher, Peeler, Tubular Bowl).  A Decanter Centrifuge come in two general designs - Solid Bowl or Screen Bowl.  A Basket Centrifuge is either perforated or solid bowl design.  The Disc Centrifuge is either a Solid Bowl/Solids Retaining, Desludger or a Nozzle Centrifuge, The Pusher Centrifuge could have a pusher plate or a scroll, and the Peeler Centrifuge are basically all very similar in general design. The same applies to tubular bowl centrifuges in that they generally are all similar.  Of course, there are lots of design differences within each of these general centrifuge design classifications. If you have an interest in one of the designs and would like to discuss the specifics drop me a reply.

Two Types of Centrifuge Separation

by Whitney Craig7. April 2009 15:36
In the usage of a centrifuge you have two designs based on general physic rules.  One design is based on filtration via spinning the feed material at a increased "G" force allowing the liquid phase to pass through a filter media leaving the dewatered solids on the filter media.  The other basic centrifuge design is via sedimentation.  In this separation design a feed slurry is accelerated to a increased "G" force allowing the solid phase to settle against the inside diameter of the rotating assembly.  Once the solids are settled they are removed by hand, port opening, a scroll or a blade typically.  The liquid generally overflows a level ring or weir plate to be discharged.     

Welcome to Centrifuge talk

by Whitney Craig6. April 2009 15:42
Hello My Name is Whitney Craig. I am the Centrifuge Industry Specialist for Aaron Equipment Co. I have been in the industry for 25+ years. If you have any centrifuge questions or topics you would be interested in reading about, I welcome your comments.

Wanted Sharples P-3400 HHS Super-D-Canter Centrifuge

by AaronEquipmentCo19. March 2009 15:46
Wanted Sharples P-3400 HHS Super-D-Canter Centrifuge Aaron Equipment is looking to purchase immediately a Sharples P-3400 HHS Super-D-Canter Centrifuge. If you have one available contact Whitney Craig at  630-238-7536  or by e-mail [email protected]


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