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Aaron Equipment has a large inventory of reconditioned, unused, and used glass lined equipment. Aaron's inventory of glass lined equipment includes glass lined agitators, baffles, baffle parts, covers - top bolt, drives, great covers, manway covers, and glass lined valves.

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Used- 50 Gallon Teflon Flanged Dip Tube. 25" long X 1.5" diameter. (...) Used- Glass Lined Crylock Agitator Shaft for approximate 2000 gallon reactor. Approximate (...) Used- Glass Lined Agitator for approximate 2000 gallon reactor. 3 blade retreat curve, ap (...) Used- 50 Gallon DTW Glass Lined 3 Blade Retreat Curve Agitator. 44" long X 1.5" diameter (...)
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Used- Pfaudler Glass Lined 3-Blade Retreat Curve Impeller. 3000 Gallon. 5 1/2" Diameter s (...) Used- Glass Lined Beavetail Baffle. 73" long X 3" diameter X 6" span. (...) Used- Glass Lined Dip Tube. 105" long X 4" diameter. (...) Used- Reglassed 2000 Gallon 6DTW Glass Lined 3 Blade Retreat Curve Agitator. 146" long X (...)